At Times Inexplicably Small

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Current Rotation : Paediatrics Salutations !I thought I’d do a Lily UpdateΒ  to catch you up, blog reader, with my awkward existence and what I have been making of it for the past month. As this is primarily a blog … Continue reading

Silent Treatment and Whirlwind DalliancesπŸ’‹

It feels almost scandalous to be returning to my blog after such a long period of neglect. I have a valid excuse though : Third year has been incredibly busy! Β Half of the year has already transpired and all I have to show for it is immense exhaustion.embarrased

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Sutures and Resuscitations 😎


This past month has been the best month I’ve spent in medical school yetπŸ™Œ I have become completely enamored with surgery .I loved everything in surgery😍. I sometimes needed to whisper “Calm down Lily” when the excitement threatened to bubble … Continue reading

Everything and More !

Surgery is everything I expected it to be and moreπŸ™‚β€ . It’s day 2 and I am already head over heels in love #surgeryisbae. My feet are killing me , I have walked at least 20 kilometers between today and yesterday Β but I am still so happy and so excited ! My apologies for the spam but my happiness needs an outlet <3Β  Continue reading

My First Time . . . πŸ˜‰

dog no idea

Kindly wrench your head from the gutter in which it is presently residing. If you were reading this in the hopes of unearthing cringe-worthy and embarrassing moments of adolescent discovery then I should let you know that this is not … Continue reading