Introducing Lily

A while back, two years ago to be precise, a friend of mine suggested that I start a blog. Reason being that I was permanently hunched over scribbling, doodling and getting lost in my journal.  I was , and still am, an enthusiastic writer of “stuff” and things in general.

I did not know if she was being entirely serious because , truth be told, I  just assumed she was being her sarcastic self. Our entire friendship is based on sarcasm , it’s the glue that keeps us close. We’re sarcastic about anything and absolutely everything.

I digress. Considering the fact that I was not completely convinced, I put the idea on hold.

I decided to revive the idea during my five-week hiatus after my first semester at medical school. The idea of starting  a blog began to hold more charm to it.

So , naturally, I trolled the internet and found many medblrs (medical Tumblr blogs) that served as sources of inspiration and humour for me as a medical student and I thought to myself “Hey, I want to do this too !”.

I decided that the purpose of this blog would be to document and narrate my journey through medical school and life in general. From hence forth came the blog title lilydoesmedschool.

thumbDespite what many people think  medical school is really fun, at times. And I will capitalize on those fun moments to give an introspective glimpse into this illustrious albeit mysterious way of life.


Lots of Lily love ❤ ❤ (LOLL)



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