Types of Medical Students :)

Types of Medical Students as observed by me 🙂

I have made various observations regarding the individuals in my class. I love my class because it is an eclectic mixture of so much randomness. If you thought that you could type cast medical students as being boring and nerdy , then you have not been in a class like mine yet.

This list does not in any way encompass all the types of medical students and is not meant to offend anybody in the least bit. Please laugh because I couldn’t help laughing while I was composing it 🙂

1. The Player 

This guy is incredibly popular. Mostly with the ladies but popular nonetheless. He exudes charm from his every pore and can charm any batty professor out of their socks. He’s a smooth talker. He can , and will , talk himself out of any tricky situation, if necessary.Yes , this is an observation that comes with experience. Sometimes , he’s not too bad on the eyes 😉

2. The Complainer

This person just cannot help but complain about every single thing that happens. If you hear a loud groan of despair from the back of the class at the mention of a test or assessment , it will be them. I guarantee it. Their complaints range from complaining about how late/early the lecture is starting to how blue the sky is. They can and will find anything to complain about. ( Yep, this one is me , at times 🙂

The Complainer !

3.Work Hard+ Play Harder

Perfect Balance. This student can study for hours on end after the last lecture but when the sun sets they go out of study mode and turn into a party animal. Off go the sweatpants and on come the revealing nightclub apparel. They are constantly filling up your timeline with “This was the best night of my life” selfies.  Rest assured that they will attend tomorrow’s Chemistry lecture on stereochemistry.

Work hard, play hard !

4. The Model

This guy or girl is so incredibly beautiful that you want to cry because if this doctor thing doesn’t work out, they have a backup plan. They can fall back on their professional modelling careers.


5. The Gunner

This person was preparing to be in medical school since they came out of the womb. He/she knows everything there is to know about everything. They were probably accepted in the tenth grade or something because how else does one explain how they seem to know EVERYTHING ? Not to be confused with the WORK HARD , PLAY HARDER student because they are always studying hard. This student just studies all the time. They answer every question asked with lengthy and detailed explanations that put you and your classmates to shame. They make notes in their textbooks because they know they’ll go back to them and read them. These are the students that methodically lower your self-esteem.

The bane of my existence

Watch this in order to truly understand the ways of the gunner.

 6. M.I.A

This person never attends lectures. You literally only see them when there is a test or assessment .

7.Dressed to impress

This student’s cupboard hails from the likes of Cotton On and Forever New and YDE and those boutiques in the Waterfront ( these are popular upmarket stores here in Saffers) . They don’t even know the meaning of recycling clothes. They have the nicest outfits to wear ! Anatomy Practical : Expensive designer boots with matching expensive designer jeans with an equally expensive hipster jersey. Like the gunner, they slowly chip away your confidence and self-esteem because while they look like Beyoncé’s twin, you look like you literally just rolled out of bed.

Bey , that’s all I can say

I hope you can relate to some of these students or have come across people like them before . I will continue adding on to the list as my med-school career continues because honestly , one semester isn’t enough to capture all the specialness in my class !

Lots of Lily Love  (LOLL) ❤

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