Lecture Hall 7 Hottie




I was lost , as i always am, and in search of the debating society meeting that had been arranged. We were supposed to be meeting at four in the afternoon but where, i did not know.

So, being my usual self, i thought i’d be clever and roam around the teaching block where we usually had our meetings. I roamed around , looking for any open lecture halls and i happened to notice one that was open with the lights switched on, lecture hall 7.

I entered the hall, expecting to see familiar faces from the debating society but alas, the lecture hall was empty. I proceeded towards the computer so that i could check my email account yet again just to make sure that the summoning email I had received had not been a figment of my imagination and where on earth this elusive meeting was being held.

I opened my email and , as i had suspected, the email was there, demanding that all society members be present for this meeting of utmost importance or else consequences would be felt dearly ( not really, but for the purpose of this narration they will).Since i had already paid my membership fee in full for the year , i had decided to attended the meeting.

It was now 16:10 and i was becoming more frustrated, annoyed by the minute. I was mostly annoyed by the incognitoness of my fellow debators, then I saw a figure walk into the lecture hall.

I rejoiced, internally, at the sight of this figure and felt a momentary feeling of relief . I could not see who the stranger was so I had to squint in order to focus properly.

I did not recognize this person. It was a male figure, i deduced from the gait and dress but the face, however, was completely unfamiliar. unfamiliar but definitely not unpleasant to look at. We shared a baffled look before I stupidly, so stupidly, asked if he too was there for the debating society meeting.

He furrowed his brow and said no. he then went on to ask if I was there to present a lecture. then it was my turn to be confused. I suppose my beige coat and striking black boots with faux fur trim gave me an aura of sophistication comparable to that of a lecturer but God forbid that my face was so ancient in its appearance that I looked old enough to be a lecturer.

The funny thing is that I am probably among the group of the youngest people on campus because I enrolled a year early in primary school and I’ve been the youngest ever since then.  I digress.

I refused, vehemently inside but quite like a lady outwardly, and stated my woeful cause for being all alone in a seemingly abandoned warehouse lecture hall at four o’clock in the afternoon.

I always assess situations like this  internally and my brain usually goes into overdrive. Here I was ,alone in an abandoned lecture hall with an unknown assailant. I don’t watch many horror films but this was starting to feel like the beginning of one. I started to calculate my route of escape should the situation deem it necessary.

I also started to figure out how I would fare in a physical confrontation with my unknown assailant. He was a little bit on the skinny lean side so i figured that should it come to blows, I could easily squash him him with my advantageous mass. But I would steer clear of his handsome face. I couldn’t ever hurt that.

He proceeded to come towards the computer and he took out a . . . USB stick from his pocket and stated that he was here to copy lecture notes from the computer. I sighed in relief. He too was a student , obviously not in first year though because his  face was unfamiliar. He mentioned third something so i’ll just assume that he is in third year.

I was still left with a bit of anxiety but I moved aside and watched as he did what he said he would do. He then started to converse with me. I detected a hint of amusement at the mention of my debating debacle,  but there we were, having what seemed like genuine small talk.

The one thing that I hate more than anything ( it’s not  the one thing that I hate more than anything but for the purpose of this narration it will be ) is small talk. Picture two complete strangers, never having met prior to this situation, being forced to make mundane conversation about random stuff like the weather. It is cringe worthy , if not malaise ( medical reference) inducing.

We conversed further in a strange ( strange because small talk is always strange ) manner and then he announced that he would phone the head of the society to find out what was happening about the meeting because he happened to be ( coincidence ) friends with the head of the debating society.

I stood there slightly baffled because a) not only was I a random first year he’d never ever before this day met but i was also b) a random first year that he’d never ever before this day met. He , in this day and age, offered to help me solve my predicament using his his airtime ( he probably had free minutes or something) . I was stunned but impressed nonetheless.

We “conversed” further in our small talk routine while we waited for his friend to reply. I say “conversed” because it was a strange conversation that, from what i can accurately recall, ranged from topics such as Cape Town’s erratic weather and discussion of strange sleeping habits to the atrocities of the pathology block I was going to endure for the next six weeks.

His friend, the HEAD of the debating had absolutely no idea what on Earth was happening or where the meeting was being held so we left the lecture hall and went to see if any of the other surrounding lecture halls were housing the mysterious debating society meeting.

They weren’t ,so we decided to abandon the search. He really must  have thought that I was following him but it just so happened that where I was on route to was in exactly the same direction as where he was headed. So we made the awkward journey to the lift together.

I vaguely recall mentioning that Chemistry was and i quote ” like academic initiation” before hastily saying goodbye and parting ways with the stranger. As I sat in the car, ready to drive home , I realized that I had just spent a half an hour of my life with one individual without even having the decency to ask for their name..

So if you, randomly chivalrous and devastatingly handsome male person ( guy), ever stumble across this random blog written by a first year called Lily ( Michelle) , just know that I apologize for my lack of etiquette. I am also sorry that you had to endure my awkward small talk .

PS. You’re handsome, that is why I probably forgot to ask for your name. Your face distracted me from asking.

Lots of Lily Love (LOLL) ❤


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