Societies Girl :)

Today the Surgical Society hosted an event on campus and Dr Melville, a famous neurosurgeon was the invited guest speaker. It was a fantastic talk in which he gave us crucial advice on how to become successful surgeons. He gave us lots of tips on how to survive in the medical profession and it was all in all a good night 🙂

I also had the chance to meet a sixth year student ! It may seem strange that I get excited at the prospect of meeting a sixth year student but I am thoroughly fascinated by them. They are elusive creatures of the medical campus. 

Sixth year students inspire me because they are living proof that it can be done. They are proof that there is light at the end of the tunnel. The tunnel called medical school. She was really lovely and we had a wonderful conversation ! 

One thing that I can definitely say has changed since my progression from high school to medical school is my involvement . This year , i have actually made an effort to be an active member of clubs and societies.

In high school , I was incredibly selective regarding the societies that I chose to join. I felt that most of the people who were in societies , were doing it for their university applications. I say “most” because not everyone was like that. Now, joining societies is more of a learning curve. You join societies because you truly want to get out there and meet new people and not for “selfish” reasons .

I’ve joined four clubs this year :The Wine Tasting Society ( This is a perk of living in the wine capital of South Africa ! ) , the debating society ( read my previous post) , Pulp Fiction ( a movie fanatics club) and the surgical society.

This is me coming out of my turtle shell and embracing the world 🙂

Lots Of Lily Love (LOLL) ❤

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