Girl School Alum

My sister , who is younger than me if i might add, thought that my post about Lecture Hall 7 Hottie ( read it ! ) made me seem boy crazy if not entirely obsessed.

Before you judge me, read my patient history.

Age : 18 years
Sex: Female
Personality: Introvert with a cheeky extrovert side
Education : Currently attending medical school in Cape Town
Previous Institutions : Attended an ALL GIRL’S SCHOOL FOR THE DURATION OF HER ENTIRE HIGHSCHOOL CAREER ( 5 years mate ) !

So yes , i’m one of those. A Girl School Alum. Cue the disparaging stereotypes, lesbian jokes and general prejudice.

As you can imagine , male: female interaction was nonexistent in my school. I can count the number of male teachers in my school on one hand.

There were numerous occassions during which we were granted the opportunity to interact with our brother schools. It didn’t take me long  in those forced interactions to realise that guys were just girls with . . . more testosterone ( and a host of other differences that I do not care to discuss today ).

Now you are probably getting way ahead of yourself and assuming that i am “boy crazed” because of my “shy nature” and the fact that i attended an “all girls highschool”. You are wrong on all three accounts.

I am not “boy crazed” or even remotely “obsessed” . It’s just a surprise to have guys swaggering into lectures after five years of living in an estrogen filled bubble.

It’s strange being in class with guys because all the rules and regulations I had previously learnt don’t apply to them at all. Decorum and etiquette and being ladylike don’t matter anymore.

I can only recall seeing one gentleman’s bathroom at my school and now I have to check which bathroom I go into.

To bring this back to Lecture Hall 7 Hottie . He was a fine specimen of the human phenotype but his chilvary was what stood out most for me and in an effort to convey just how touched I was by his chilvarous ways , I may have seemed slightly obsessed and crazed.

I hope that it can be understood that I am neither boy crazed nor am i boy obsessed.

Lots Of Lily Love (LOLL) ❤

I adore comments ! Feel free to drop one below :)

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