Optimistic Lily

When I was in matric , my plans regarding the weekend were usually those along the lines of Katy Perry’s Last Friday Night ( TGIF) because I was , as you can imagine, the resident party girl in my school.


Watch Out For Lily !


Okay , that was a bit hyperbolic (  the use of gross exaggeration for comic effect and emphasis ) . I usually spent the weekend in pajamas  in my room watching  series (Sherlock, GOT, Orphan Black, Orange Is The New Black , Suits, House, New Girl,Two Broke Girls The Lying Game, Once Upon A Time, The Mentalist, Castle, Lie To Me, Bones, Scrubs, Friends, How I Met Your Mother, Castle, Downton Abbey etcetera, etcetera ) unless my mom forced me to be social and stuff.   The weekend was basically my time to relax, shake off the stress from school and just focus on me.

Finding out that Dan was Gossip Girl was  very difficult for me to accept


Fast forward to the year 2014 and the reality that I am living is astonishingly different. I still spend the weekends in my pajamas but, in an effort to boost my concentration, I’ve buried my hard drive . It was a difficult decision to make but it was for the greater good. I hope my grades thank me at the end of the semester because this is all for them. I’m actually a little bit worried that I might have hidden my hard drive a little too well  because none of my efforts to locate it have been successful.

Medical students do not have weekends. This is a painful reality that I am slowly coming to terms with. Pathology, the block that I am currently studying , is harrowing. I thought that the first semester was difficult but second semester thus far is proving to be even more difficult.. Pathology is the study of disease and it  is so much work that some ( amazing) former medical student thought it necessary to compile a survival guide for it. You know that your work is on another level when you need a guide to survive it. I have made and printed more notes in these two weeks than i have in my three years of studying biology in high school. The only consolation that I have is that the 200+ other people in my class are experiencing the same hardship.

Everyone strongly dislikes Pathology ( except the lecturers ) . If you mention pathology to any senior, their reactions are usually along the lines of  :  “OMG, I can’t even !  “or  “That was horrible ! “or  “What a nightmare !” or ” Path, aargh ( face palm or face wall depending on the degree of anguish in tone of voice)  ! ”  .


tumblr_n8hedjZCt61s904umo10_500 (1)
That’s the reaction I get 85% of the time.


About 10 % of the time


The other 5 %

I , however, refuse to let this bog me down because positivity is the name of the game that I’ve decided to play and I intend on winning . My optimistic nature will prevail and I will emerge victorious. The fact that  there are so many people that are seniors proves that Pathology  is not an insurmountable obstacle.  I will attack it with so much enthusiasm, it will have no choice but to let me pass.





But that is enough optimism for one day. I might begin chundering rainbows.


tumblr_n94juw7Vzb1sp4wmjo1_500 (1)
Teehee !

Lots Of Lily Love  (LOLL) ❤

3 thoughts on “Optimistic Lily

  1. Haha! Second Semester was actually when I started watching series… but seriously, House Season 1 has a lot of things you learn in Path. And Bones is pretty good for the anatomy side (because the biggest problem I had with Path was that they were teaching us abnormalities before we knew what normal looked like. I mean?).

    I don’t know how much the syllabus has changed since my first year, but I’m emailing you some of my summaries that have helped quite a few students in the past. Feel free to disseminate them to your colleagues.

    Kudos for putting the hard drive away – I’m certain your grades will thank you. Just remember to have some fun too, otherwise your brain might really fry itself!

    P.S: ORPHAN BLACK!!!!!


    1. Thanks for the notes ! They are brilliant 🙂 Everything is still pretty much the same so i don’t think much has changed .

      Hiding my hard drive was a necessary evil ! Now instead of reaching for my laptop when i’m bored, I reach for my path textbook !

      Clone club is aweome ! I am so excited for season 3 😉 🙂


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