Pharmacology : A new chapter

Pathology has come to an end and I am set to embark on a brand new adventure : Pharmacology !

These look like really yummy sweets !
These look more like yummy sweets than medication  ! Nom Nom !

Pharmacology is the study of drug action . Med students are not cool enough to learn how to make drugs, so we just learn how to use them. I am really excited to study Pharmacology because my father does research in the field of pharmacogenetics so I technically have a live-in tutor ( I’m that cool kid that still lives with her parents – more about that at a later stage though ) !


Pathology was insane ! I am so thankful for the past weekend because it allowed me the opportunity to recharge my batteries. I also spent a lot of time checking that I was indeed still human.

This GIF sums up the emotions I felt whilst I revising the blood coagulation cascade.


I have decided to start Pharms with a brand new attitude! I will do this by learning from the blunders I made in Pathology ( so many blunders ) and hopefully Pharmacology will not traumatize me as much as Pathology did ^_^ .


Lessons learnt from Pathology

1. Start working hard from day ONE ! The sooner you start, the better off you will be before your end of module test. This was really difficult for me to get used to because in high school I had become accustomed to only needing one week to study for assessment. Luckily my various mentors had frightened me into studying hard from the get go.

2. Study everyday ! Only fools deluded themselves into thinking they can study during the weekends in Med school. In Path the work seemed to increase exponentially! Missing a day of lectures effectively meant that you were 4 lectures behind.

3. Attend lectures ! This is really important ! Unless you have a specialist degree in Anatomical Pathology, (MMed Anatomical Pathology) do not convince yourself into thinking that you can learn about carcinogenesis and tumor markers independently. When you don’t attend class, the likelihood of you revising the lectures that you miss are slim to none ( unless you’re a gunner).

4. Exercise regularly ! Your body will thank you ! Your mind will praise you ! You will feel incredible.  I did not exercise as frequently as I should have but when I did , I felt invigorated ( afterwards , not during).

5. The last but most important thing i have learnt from Path is to sleep. Sleep when you can. Sleep for ten minutes. Sleep for two hours. Nobody will judge you if you choose to sleep instead going out. Sleep is a precious commodity that you will be incredibly thankful for! I would buy sleep in ready-made and packed containers, if I could so that when I need it most, I can consume it on the go.

Sleep on your friend’s shoulder too if you must !

Here’s to learning from past mistakes ( so many mistakes ) and embracing the world that I have chosen to live in 🙂 #pharmacology #letsdothis !

The optimist in me has control !
The optimist in me has control !

Lots Of Lily Love ❤ (LOLL)


I adore comments ! Feel free to drop one below :)

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