Let Lily Educate !

A few weeks ago, I ran into a junior from my high school ( the perks of living and studying in your hometown) . The meeting was purely accidental and it, for lack of a better phrase,  “caught me entirely off guard” . Seeing this student  induced a deluge of memories and experiences that I may need some time  ( possibly forever) to repress.I haven’t yet been out of high school for long enough to feel nostalgic about my experience of it. I digress. We small-talked  for a few minutes before she very casually asked what it was that I had decided to spend the rest of my life doing. My reply was also very casual : “Oh nothing really ,  i’m just studying so that, one day, hopefully, maybe, if i’m lucky, I can become a doctor.” ( The most grammatically incorrect sentence these hands have ever typed).

She freaked out  completely and then proceeded to attack me with a barrage of questions.

“Is it true that medical students don’t have social lives”

“Do the guys look like they’re from Grey’s Anatomy ?”

“Do you really have to cut up dead people?’

“Don’t you have to be rich to study medicine ?”

“Do you study all the time?”

“Have you operated on a patient yet?”

“Are you excited that you’re going to be so rich”

“Aren’t all medical students the same?”

“Female doctors are a bit weird aren’t they?”

“Male doctors are obviously smarter,  hey ?”


(Excuse me , what did she just say ?)

tumblr43 (1)

She concluded her bombardment of questions with a statement that left me entirely bewildered and angered : “Anyway.  I could never ever become a doctor ! Lol, they’re so boring ! I think i’ll just marry one instead ! Haha!” ( Then she did this awkward laugh and stopped when she saw the expression on my face).


Not only had this young girl interrupted what I had been busy doing  prior to her arrival, but she had also had the audacity to insult me and everything that I was working towards . Most of what she knew about medicine obviously came from her television set.


That being said, there are many misconceptions that a lot of people have regarding medicine ! Some of them are due to pure ignorance but most are from a  genuine lack of knowledge.

So I have decided to do a “misconceptions” series to rebuff the often ridiculous assumptions, associations and misunderstandings people have regarding the medical field. I think it’s  quite dangerous to have young people running around with the notion that “Female doctors are a bit weird” and “Male doctor are obviously smarter”. Let Lily educate 😛

*Afore mentioned student is fourteen years of age – maybe you can decide if we can forgive her 😛

Lots of Lily Love ❤ (LOLL)


4 thoughts on “Let Lily Educate !

  1. My god. She would rather marry a doctor than be the doctor. I guess in her mind doctor = $$$ then how come she would rather depend on her husband to bring the money instead of earning her own (large) salary (should she be blessed to get to thw attending level without any debt)? It is so sad…

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  2. I often have the problem of thinking that everyone around me thinks the same way as I do i.e progressively. I was shocked because this girl came from MY high school which , if I remember correctly, was a huge promoter of female emancipation and freedom.

    Hers was a combination of ignorance and general absurdity that I am sure she will stamp out in the next few years. If not, she will find it challenging to adjust to a world that is rapidly filling up with people who are enlightened thinkers like you and I.


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