Mid-term Madness

Holidays and vacations are my life source. They are times during which I practice triple “R”( Rest, Relax and Recharge). When on holiday , I disengage from the person that I am on campus and I become mellow, carefree and (dare I say ) lazy. My alarm which usually goes off at 5 am is pushed back to 1pm ( stop judging me), my hard drive becomes a lot easier to locate and I resume my fangirling ways.

This is what  think when I hear the word "holiday"
This would be lovely but i’m not a millionaire. 


Our benevolent course convenors have given us a ten-day holiday -weekends included ( four days of which are finished). I know that I said I love holidays but really ? Two weeks into the pharmacology block and they decide to give me “holiday” ? My annoyance stems from the fact  that I have to write a Pharmacology mid-module test on the day that I return to campus. So is this really a holiday or is it an extended study break ?

Seriously ?? Are you joking ??

I am incredibly vexed . I have associations in my mind regarding certain things . Campus time is for working hard and studying. Holidays are the exact opposite ! I do not associate holidays with studying ! I want to unwind and de-stress but that is not possible because that mid-module test is consuming my every thought. I feel so angsty and guilty when i do things that are remotely “holiday-like”.

 Channeling inner Hermione Jean Granger during campus time
Channeling my inner Hermione Jean Granger during campus time – head in the books ❤
Channeling my inner Luna Lovegood during the holidays :)
Channeling my inner Luna Lovegood during the holidays 🙂 – head in the clouds ❤

Just so that I am absolutely clear. I am not ranting about the fact that I have a holiday (I’ve heard that they become incredibly scarce as one moves up the MB,ChB ladder) . I am ranting about the very awkward and  incredibly annoying allocation of this holiday. I feel that it would have been a better idea to slot the holiday in before we write our exams because my level of #freakingout would be sky high and I would literally have no other thought on my mind except studying for exams.

Lots Of Lily Love ❤ (LOLL)

One thought on “Mid-term Madness

  1. Haha. Yeah. It is kind of like a study break although they don’t make it abundantly clear. Try to enjoy it in any case. I would kill for a holiday. My little sister (OT2) is also on a week break and they have OT-week when they come back, so you’re not alone!

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