Intro to Clinical Medicine : New Block !

The bluest Mondays are those that come directly after an end of block weekend. One can’t help but torture themselves with images from their gloriously relaxing weekend where the minimal use of brain cells was socially acceptable. Pharmacology was depressing but I am on the route towards recovery : I am basically getting over it . I need to focus on the new block : Introduction to Clinical Medicine !

Introduction to Clinical Medicine 😛

This block is very different from Pathology and Pharmacology. It is not as theory centered and focuses on more of the clinical aspect of medicine. We are taught basic clinical skills and we have to practice these skills on the guys in our class. Some of the guys in my class are very confident (one could call it borderline arrogance) so finding willing participants to practice on shouldn’t be a big problem .

They all seem to think that they look like this :


I’ll wait until sixth year is over and I’ve had all the practice I need before I break the very sad news to them. They will most likely be heart-broken but the truth will out. In the mean time I’ll continue to disagree internally.




I’m really just kidding and I appreciate all the effort and strength of character it takes for one to volunteer themselves as tribute for the sake of another’s education.

Our timetable is very liberal – I have so many “free” periods but I don’t think they are designed for the type of free time that I would prefer ie. reading, series, lying on the beach 🙂 We have our very first OSCE at the end of this block. An OSCE is an Objective Structured Clinical Examination. We will be expected to perform a general , cardiovascular, respiratory and gastrointestinal examination on an actual patient ! The nerves are starting to accumulate already !


On that note, I would like to mention that I ordered and received my very first stethoscope! It’s a raspberry Littmann Classic II S.E with gold sunshine ear tubes and a rainbow chestpiece. Initially I was worried about how patients would perceive a doctor with such a feminine stethoscope but i’ve decided not to care because I love my stethoscope ! There was a really cool cardiology one with bluetooth but I highly doubt that I will have any use for that as a first year student.


Exams commence in less than one month from now and it would probably be to my advantage to start studying now. I just need to figure out how to stop getting distracted by my love affair with the internet because it is proving to be my downfall.


Lots Of Lily Love ❤ (LOLL)

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