30 Day Blog Challenge :)

When I embarked upon this blogging journey, I vowed that I would become a prolific blogger ,who would post at least three times weekly, so that I could be considered amongst the most entertaining and humorous blogs on wordpress . I have tried my utmost best to honour my initial ambition but the unpredictability of life and school has rendered me unable to fulfill my promise.

So in an attempt to rectify my grievous transgression , I have decided to embark on a journey. This journey will take me from the lonely land of “non-regular” blogging and place me amongst the most charming and engaging bloggers .

I bid adieu to sporadic and intermittent posting with this 30 Day blog challenge. For thirty days I will be answering a set of predetermined questions to the best of my ability , in the hopes of letting you guys know a bit more about me 🙂 ( I’m super cool, you’ll come to realise that within one week – #sarcasm #justkidding )


Day One: Current Relationship Status

I wrote a post about this topic a while back  entitled “Forever Alone Lily” detailing my non-existent love life.I had no boyfriend or significant other then and two months later, I still have no boyfriend ! Surprise !

Kitten ( gasps audibly) : Really Lily, you’re still alone ? After all this time! ? Lily ( With Alan Rickman’s deadpan expression): Always Kitty, always.

Lè Single Life : A Description

tumblr_mdnvu5VTDi1qzqdem (1)

Nobody has ever died from being single ! 😛 I’m still alive, aren’t I ?  Let me be serious for uno momento. I am happy being a single mamasita . I am not in the process of searching for my plus one as yet because my life is actually very wholesome without him. I have my family and friends and that’s all the love I can take for now .


I’m friendzoning (when you tell an interested party what a wonderful friend they are and how lucky you are to have a friend like them in your life) and familyzoning (when you tell an interested party that they remind you of a male family member of yours : dad, brother, cousin, uncle, grandpa- this roughly translates into i’ll never be interested in you because this is real life and not Game Of Thrones) anyone that hints at even possibly trying to attempt to get me to like them romantically. 

I’m still in the phase of “Oh, look at that hot guy!” , “Did you see those abs?” and “His eyes ! OMG ! His eyes!” #storyofmylife every time third years walk past me in scrubs.

To be entirely honest – I’m still a little hung up on Lecture Hall 7 Hottie 😦  I feel as though I need closure because our brief meeting was very intense( at least it was for me). Every guy I meet is being compared to him. My semblance of a love life is essentially on hold until I chance upon the delectable creation that is Lecture Hall 7 Hottie again.I keep inventing scenarios in which we meet and I’m incredibly cool and sophisticated , and I win him over with my compelling charm and elegance.

I am definitely single and it’s awesome :P.


Does a relationship with my laptop count ? If so we’ve been going steady for the past two years and we’re expecting an upgrade next year 😛

tumblr_myi8o2vmvA1snro4ro1_400 (1)

Lots of Lily Love ❤ (LOLL)


I adore comments ! Feel free to drop one below :)

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