Lily in ten years

Day 2: Where would you like to be in ten years

I’m cutting it close but better late than never ! I was doing studying drugs today and they completely absorbed me. I’m tempted to drink a gallon of coffee to stay awake but my heart would possibly never stop palpitating.

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I am obsessive about planning my days , weeks and sometimes even months but planning for years in advance is incredibly difficult for me !

Discussing the future is always weird because you can plan and plan to your heart’s content but there will always be the possibility that things will not go your way or according to your tightly regimented plan. Situations change (life basically happens) and you are forced to take a different route to your destination.

tumblr_n9a5pjkQPT1s4xiyso1_500Onward with my challenge 🙂


In ten years time I will (take note of the strong language I use here) have finished my degree  (6 years) , my year of community service and my two years of internship. I’ll probably take a year to travel and decide on specialising further. I want to be a paediatric cardiothoracic surgeon but I am not yet decided on which route to take in realising this dream.

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I want to have moved out from my parents home. It’s a natural progression of life. My parents can only take care of me for so long before they reach dizzying heights of annoyance 😛 They will have to resist the urge to put me out on the streets until I finish my training but I will do my best to avoid making them disgruntled by my presence in the meantime .


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Personal Life

I don’t like to “plan” my personal life so I’ll let it surprise me 🙂 In ten years time,  I might have the pitter patter of tiny feet in the background  or I could still be revelling in my singlehoodness . I couldn’t say . I’d rather not preempt scenarios and end up disappointing myself.


Let me cross that bridge when I get there 🙂

Lots Of Lily Love ❤ (LOLL)


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