My view on drugs and alcohol

Day 3: Drugs and alcohol


Drugs : I have never ever taken drugs nor will I ever take drugs. Nope. This is the biggest nope of my life. Not even if i was paid to do so,  would I take drugs. Drugs are self sabotage. giphy (3)

I live in Cape Town .Drive to the outskirts of Cape Town towards the areas notoriously known as the “Cape Flats” ( if you’re brave enough to do that), and you will find yourself confronted by the detrimental effects of drugs. I once volunteered at a hospital near one of these areas and it was a horrific experience.

In the maternal ward there were several young mothers who were Tik( this is South African slang for methamphetamine) addicts who had children suffering from congenital heart defects and mental as well as behavioural problems. I also visited the neonatal ward and it was shocking to watch tiny babies suffer from withdrawal symptoms. Neonates get the same symptoms as adults do when they stop taking drugs and it’s heartbreaking to watch them shiver and shake uncontrollably as their body craves the drugs their mothers fed them.

images (3)

Alcohol : I’m not a big fan of drinking. I’m actually not a fan at all. Beer tastes and smells horrible – like rotten feet. Brandy,rum and whisky knock me out. Drinking gin is akin to ingesting poison and vodka corrodes my insides. Apart from mass every Sunday, I drink a glass of rose wine every three months.Sometimes people assume that when I’m very happy and excited it’s because of alcohol but I just have a natural buzz.


Honestly though, the effects of alcohol on the brain and body are not worth the momentary escape from reality.I wouldn’t like to depend on alcohol to have a good time. I’m the sober one. I’m like a parent. I’ll probably have the duty of driving all my friends home when I get my licence.

This post makes me seem like the biggest party pooper ever but I prefer to remember all the fun moments in life. There is no sense in having an amazing time and forgetting all about it because of drugs and alcohol.

I’ll stick to mocktails and smoothies  , thank you very much 😛

Lots Of Lily Love ❤ (LOLL)


2 thoughts on “My view on drugs and alcohol

    1. Yes , drugs are just terrible and very often the aftermath not only includes the addict but the people around them. I wrote this post a while ago and I have come to realise that responsible use and moderation are the only useful things to preach when it comes to alcohol 🙂


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