Lily and Religion

Day 4: Religion

Religion is very important to me. I think that people have the freedom to practice which ever religion they choose but they should not shove their religions down other’s throats.

People should remember that religion is not defined by the extremists. There are people who do terrible and unspeakable deeds all in the name of religion and that is wrong ! These extremists often interpret religious meanings in a flawed manner and it’s terrible that entire religions are judged by the actions of a perverse few.

I am Christian and I am of the Anglican denomination. I was confirmed three years ago and I have grown more and more in faith since then.  My relationship with God is the most important relationship in my life and without it I would be lost. It serves as my anchor in this world where it’s so easy to be led astray.

I become very disgruntled when people try to link money with religion, Christianity specifically. Religion is pure and should not be tainted by greed and lust. The very thought that it seems logical to pay someone to pray for you so that God can bestow good luck in your life is unfathomable to me.

I have tons more to say regarding religion but it’s nearly tomorrow and I’ll have broken my 30 Day Challenge rule if I post past 12 pm : This rule states that all posts have to be written and published on the same day to ensure that my blogging is indeed regular and not just a scheduled posting of pre-written posts . (This is just a rule I made up for myself)

This post is image free and GIF-less because of my laziness and ineptitude at this time ( it’s 11:34 pm CAT) and I am simply tired ! My limbs are weary and my brain is so very tempted to turn into mush!

Lots Of Lily Love ❤ (LOLL)


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