30 Facts about Lily

Day 6 : 30 Interesting facts about yourself

One would think that because it is the weekend , I would have had ample time to think about about and write this post but the truth is that I have done nothing productive all day. My weekend has been hijacked by family activities but I don’t really mind 😛


Let us proceed!

  1. I am Zimbabwean but people always assume that I am either South African, Nigerian or Ghanaian. I suppose that when I speak people are confused by my accent.
  2. Someone once called me a coconut and I punched them in the face. A coconut is a term that people here in South Africa use to describe someone who is black on the outside and white on the inside. I’m brown on the outside but we are all the same inside ie. blood and guts and gore ( trust me, my anatomy textbook says so). My accent , again.
  3. Family is everything to me. Family is a constant in life and my parents have always taught me that you never turn your back toward family- when you are at your most unbearable, they are the ones with enough courage to tell you to get over yourself.
  4. I have very few close friends because i’m really bad at friendships and whatsapp.  I have majorly hectic trust issues but once I become friend with people and once we have broken the initial layer of ice that surrounds me –  we can become best friends.
  5. I read all the time. I’m a literature freak . Books are my escape
  6. I write lots of poetry and short stories that i hope to one day have the courage to publish.
  7.  I speak a number of languages and that’s why my accent is so messed up
  8. I’m a wallflower and happy to be one 🙂
  9. I want to be a paediatric cardiothoracic surgeon.
  10. I am a private person – people don’t find out stuff from /about me until years later.
  11. I was a tomboy until the age of 15 and that’s why i’m so bad at being a girl . I don’t know the slightest thing about makeup or style or anything remotely female that requires a lot of work.
  12. I aspire to have a flat stomach and washboard abs but debonairs and butlers are still making pizza so nevermind.
  13. I am a hardworking lazy person ( depends on the day and my mood) .
  14. I am a romantic to the core. I’m convinced that I will marry for love and nothing less.
  15. I love regina spektor and alfred enoch. I don’t know who I love more somedays.
  16. I was born under an apple tree #truestorybro
  17. My family is the stereotypical African family.
  18. I’m a fangirl of life
  19. I gravitate toward the introvert in me most of the time. I do have a part of me that enjoys the extroverted things in life
  20. I am scared of dogs. I was chased by a dog when I was seven years old.
  21. Coffee gives me heart palpitations
  22. I have incredibly vivid dreams 
  23. My memory is somewhat photographic. 
  24. I don’t have my driving license yet. This is an adverse effect of a busy matric year !
  25. The voices in my head sometimes try to take over. Haha ! I am just kidding you:P (or am I???)
  26. My imagination runs wild. Very , very wild 😛
  27. I have a scrapbook documenting my life. It’s so much fun to work on 🙂
  28. I love Cape Town !
  29. I’m a financial mess.
  30. I get distracted easily. 


Lots Of Lily Love ❤ (LOLL)


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