Satisfaction :)

Day 8 : A moment when you felt the most satisfied with your life 

Writing this post has put into perspective how much time I spend complaining and grumbling inwardly because I could not think of a single time when I was most satisfied with my life.

I was so tempted to say that the most satisfying moment in my life was when I passed matric but then people would just roll their eyes at the screen and mutter “oh my gosh, what a nerd”.

My most satisfying moment in life (life seems a bit too much so maybe for the year) was at least two months ago . It was a Friday night and my family was having a games night. We were all in my parents room sitting on the floor playing the board game “30 Seconds”.

My parents were one team and I was on the opposing team with my brother and sister. Our in-sync edness was so strange but it made for a lot of fun and laughter. I remember thinking that this was what life was made from – simple moments spent laughing and just having fun with those who aren’t scared to be stupid with you.

Family In syncedness


My siblings and I won ( That’s what happens when you put three Aries in one team) 😛

Lots Of Lily Love ❤

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