Future Lily

Day 9 : How you hope your future will be like

I have mentioned , on numerous occasions, that I do not like to plan too far ahead into my future because it causes me to lose perspective of the here and the now. I start to live my life in a dreamy haze and I focus on what could be instead of what actually is.


 I do, however, have hopes and dreams that I wish to fulfill in my future.I know that my future will be filled with hard work, dedication, responsibilities, sacrifices and trials and tribulations.

I hope to have freedom to lead the life I want. I want a life that is filled to the brim with  excitement, passion and love. I want to travel to foreign and exotic lands . I want to meet new and exciting people. I want a future filled spontaneity and vigor .


I also hope that there is an element of stability in my future. I hope to have a semblance of consistency around which I can plan my spontaneity  🙂 .

My ultimate goal for the future, however,  is to be happy. Navigating life’s treacherous waters is much easier when you do things that make you happy.


When I was in primary school , my friends and I used to make fortune tellers (identical to the one depicted above) so that we could predict our futures. The business of fortune telling was lucrative and I observed that people were more likely to believe predictions that were made from themed and beautifully decorated fortune tellers.

At one stage it became a competition , as all things in primary school become, to see whose fortune teller could tell the most magnificent and entertaining futures .

My future was predicted as follows : You will have 6 children , own a red BMW live by the beach and be a professional soccer player ! I remember my less than ten year old self hearing this news and breaking down into tears because I had specifically asked for a blue BMW , not a red one ! 😛

Lots Of Lily Love ❤ (LOLL)


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