Lily in love :)

Day 10 : Discuss your first love and first kiss


My classmates in junior school were what I like to call eager beavers. They had already started dating in the third grade. So, naturally, by the fourth grade, the majority of them had already had their first kiss.

While I was busy being a child , playing in the mud etc. , my compatriots were already going steady ! Some of them had already acquired reputations and were onto their fifth or sixth partners.

By the fourth grade girls were suddenly too insecure to walk past a group of boys without their friends in tow and boys would strut around with their heads held high and underdeveloped chests puffed out.

First Kiss: I consider myself a late bloomer.  My first “kiss” was in grade seven. This random guy from one of my classes just ran up to me and gave me a kiss. He ran away immediately afterwards and I chased him across the field . I caught him, pushed him to the ground,  kicked him in the shins and shouted that if he ever did that again I would break every bone in his body.


I don’t take too kindly to the invasion of my personal space . I later found out that it had been part of a dare.  He had obviously not used logic in choosing me to fulfil his dare because I was one of the fastest people in the entire school. Little did he know that I was a really aggressive girl who had hectic personal space issues. I still have personal space issues but I am far less aggressive ( I’m actually kind of nice now).

First Love :  I have been in infatuation , yes definitely , but not love. I don’t like to throw the L-word around too lightly . Strong and intense feelings do not always translate into being in love. Feeling intense emotions comes with the territory of being a teenager , everything you experience is amplified by a thousand times.

Some people might interpret those feelings as love but I think it’s mostly a mixture of hormones, pheromones and FOMO playing a trick on you. I find it questionable when people fall in love numerous times in one year – I feel like that’s a sign of emotional instability. If you’re falling in love with every person you date casually , you should get some time out and have a chat with your heart, maybe redefine the meaning of love.

I’m of the opinion that love loses it’s meaning if you use it too freely. I reserve it for the moments when I really mean it. Moments like when I’m eating pizza. Pizza is love. Pizza is life.

When I look at someone the same way that dog is looking at his pizza – that’s when I’ll know that I’m in love ❤


Lots Of Lily Love ❤ (LOLL)


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