My Earliest Memory

Day 14: Your earliest memory

The only thing standing between me and my bed is this post so let’s gets to it. This weekend has been long. I have an IsiXhosa assessment tomorrow, my OSCE is on Thursday , my first exam is in t-minus 9 days and I am dreaming of my holiday already  . Tis a recipe for a significant amount of disaster .

My Earliest Memory

Being chased by a dog and nearly being bitten along my jugular vein when I was four years old thus igniting my eternal fear of all canines. tumblr_mq2b1vbxmo1qdlh1io1_400

My friends and I were playing catch ( we call it on-on) and I ran past a dog.The dog was black, I have no idea what breed it was and it was huge.  The dog thought I was running away from it and proceeded to chase me across the street.

I tripped over a stone and nearly had my face ripped to shreds but I was saved by one of my neighbours who chased the dog away. The dog was old and had become increasingly aggressive in its old age. It was later put down.

I still freak out when I see dogs, even if they’re puppies.It was the scariest experience of my life .  No matter how domesticated we think we can make animals, the fact remains that a part of them will always be wild and capable of ensuing great harm to us mere vulnerable mortals. tumblr_mvm4keaAsO1sjalvlo2_500


And that kids , is why you cannot have a dog.

Lots Of Lily Love ❤ (LOLL)

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