Tumblr . . . my universe !

Day 15 : Your favourite tumblrs !

I have so much love for tumblr ! I think tumblr is one of the most creative places on the internet. You can find anything and everything on tumblr. My sister thinks I’m really weird and hipster ( laugh out loud, I can’t afford to be a hipster) because I have this obsession with tumblr. Tumblr is life. Tumblr is love. ( I’ve watched the shrek is life, shrek is love video and my mind has been scarred but I cannot seem to get those two sentences unstuck from my brain !)tumblr_ly9sxt72yl1r4tlz1

I have this weird habit of speaking in real life like i’m on tumblr. I’m always “shipping things“. I clearly spend too much time scrolling down on my dashboard 🙂 Tumblr is literally about the art of reblogging.

If you follow awesome people, you are bound to have a cool dashboard to read 😛 .I follow a lot of blogs on tumblr but these are my staples 🙂

  • wayfaringmd – Physician with the funniest stories
  • cranquis – My internet doctor ! He’s the funniest medblr on the internet
  • ladykaymd – Awesome and encouraging medblr from a student
  • bestplacesworld – Awesome pictures of beautiful scenery around the world

These are my favourite tumbles and you should definitely check them out ! A word of warning though, these tumblrs are incredibly addictive and Lily cannot be held liable for any problems or issues that arise as a result of the recommendations made in this blog post !

Lot’s Of Lily Love ❤ (LOLL)


6 thoughts on “Tumblr . . . my universe !

    1. I found this great WikiHow which explains everything you need to know about using tumblr 🙂 http://www.wikihow.com/Use-Tumblr.

      My Tumblr Advice:
      1. Decide on what content you like the most and want to read about . My main topics of interest include medical related blogs, study, books, travel, food, fitness and poetry and fandoms.

      2.You can add your comments to posts when you reblog them. Reblogging is like sharing (on Facebook) or retweeting (On twitter).

      3. Followers will come slowly but if you write original content and tag it appropriately, you will attract people over time.
      4. Reblog to your heart’s content – nobody will judge you for that ! I reblog 90% of the time 🙂

      5. You will find a spectrum of things on tumblr that range from awesome to just plain stupid. Ignore the latter and just focus on following the insanely awesome 🙂

      Enjoy 🙂


  1. The only tumblr blog I recognised is ladykaymd because i used to read her study tips in matric. I’m also part of the studyblr community but haven’t posted in ages because i took a gap year. Tumblr is honestly the best

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