Mainstream Music

Day 16: Your view on mainstream music


After Justin Bieber, I gave up on mainstream music . I know that there’s a band called One Direction that’s pretty popular at the moment but other than that I don’t know any others and I don’t care. Music has never been as tedious as it is in this day and age.tumblr_ndnrk6ahaT1ss4qx6o1_500

Not only does everybody like mainstream music, they obsess over it. It is aired hourly by every radio station in the country (the reason why I hate listening to the radio) . The artists are subject to intense scrutiny and observation by millions of teenagers. I don’t like to perpetuate gender stereotypes but these teenagers are usually girls.

I cannot keep up with mainstream music. It is fleeting and meaningless. It all sounds the same or has a generic formula. The lyrics are , for lack of a better word, stupid and usually do not have any sense to them at all. If I were to be assessed on mainstream hits from the past three years , I would fail because I have not been paying any attention at all. 

There are musicians who deserve far more recognition but alas, society remains fixated upon these main-streamers who continue to bludgeon the true meaning of music . I’m sorry that this turned into a rant but I have too many feelings about this topic and  my OSCE is on Thursday so my levels of stress are currently sky-rocketing.

Lots Of Lily Love ❤ (LOLL)


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