Highs and Lows

Day 17 : Highs and lows of this past year


I can only think of one incident during which I felt low and that was at the very beginning of the year after writing my first Chemistry test. It was my first university assessment and I was really nervous.

My mind had not yet braced itself against the vicious onslaught that was that Chemistry paper.  In matric we were given ample time to finish answering our questions and I usually had time to go back and check my answers.

In this Chemistry test, however, we had one hour to answer 30 questions , most of which required lengthy calculations before eventually arriving at what could possibly ,maybe be the correct answer. That was two minutes per question if you paced yourself appropriately.

I did well, they gave us our results after a month-long wait,  but the panic I felt in the moment was the most horrible feeling ever. I’ve always done better in Chemistry compared to Physics( my pet hate)  and I suppose that helped a little bit. And that’s the closest I’ve felt to being really low this year. Pharmacology and Pathology were also excruciatingly painful to endure but the pain of my very first Chemistry test was more harrowing.


  • Starting university . Finally !
  • Making new friends . I’ve met people in my year and others from senior years on campus. I’ve also met new friends who are not on campus 🙂
  • My learner’s license 🙂 . This puts me one step closer to acquiring my driver’s license – hopefully before my 19th birthday
  • Learning some Russian – I love learning new things and learning a few words of Russian was my objective for this year

The GIF-less state of this post is a result of my ardent efforts to avoid procrastination station. I’ve temporarily blocked and deleted applications that play a role in my distraction from my studying.

My very first OSCE is tomorrow morning and my heart is leaping out of my chest in anticipation. I’ve had countless cups of coffee and I am ready for a long night ahead.

Lots Of Lily Love ❤ (LOLL)

I adore comments ! Feel free to drop one below :)

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