Disrespecting your parents

Day 19 : Disrespecting your parents

I would never. If I were to engage in such a foolhardy exploit I would find myself kicked to the curb and left to fend for myself on the streets of Cape Town. That is not something I am enthusiastic about.ย I’m 18 – what do I know about life ?I need them to keep me around until I know enough.

I have been taught to have respect for my parents throughout my life. Disrespecting them has never been an option. There is a hierarchy in my household and my parents are at the very top of it. Mostly because they are older and wiser and more mature. There’s also the question of financial security. I am a lowly sea urchin in comparison to them.

Listed below are a few examples of the actions that are classified as being disrespectful in my home:

  • Calling parents by their first names. I would never dare to walk around the house calling my mother by her first name or anyone else’s mother. ! That is a blatant sign of disrespect. You can only call someone by name if they are your age or younger than you. Calling my mother by name would mean that I view myself as being on the same level on the hierarchy as her. This would offend her greatly and I would promptly receive an imprint of her hand on my face.
  • Senselessly disobeying them. Doing the opposite of what your parents tell you to do just for the sake of defying them is incredibly disrespectful. If your parents tell you not to smoke weed, ย for example, and you go ahead and do it just to make them mad that’s not only disrespectful, it’s also really stupid. It’s like cutting off your nose to spite your face.
  • Shouting at them. ย That is just a huge nope.
  • Forgetting to greet in the morning. It’s not normal to wake up without greeting your parents. Forgetting to do so will have you snapped at for the entire day. This is important so that theyย know that you’re alive and obviously didn’t die during the night.
  • Forgetting to say goodnight. ย This is so that if either of you die in the night, you’ll have said your last goodbye ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Walking away from them while they’re talking to you. That is how you get shoes thrown against your head.
  • Throwing tantrums to get what I want. Not allowed, especially when you are in public. Do so and risk punishment when you get back home.
  • Talking back to my parents with “attitude”.ย I was a naughty child but my parents did a wonderful job of putting my cheekiness in it’s place.


I’m older now and it is no longer my mission to make my parents as angry as possible.ย However , if I dared to do any of the afore mentioned disrespectful things , I would find myself on the receiving end of my mother’s excellent backhand.ย I would very much like to avoid that backhand.

Lots Of Lily โค (LOLL)


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