My Favourite TV Show

Day 21 : My favourite TV Show

My favourite TV show is Game of Thrones. This year has been rather busy. I have not been able to indulge in watching a lot of television. I have actually had to stop watching most of the shows that I used to follow keenly.

Game Of Thrones 

Jon_Snow-Kit_Harington (1)

I started reading the books before the show became popular. I was a media centre monitor in high school so I had access to all the awesome books long most people did . I fell in love with George R.R Martin’s writing immediately and became addicted to the fictional lands of Westreros and Essos ! Epic Fantasy novels are kind of my thing 😉 I’m just hoping that George ( we’re on a first name basis)publishes  The Winds of Winter before I finish my degree. He really is a slow writer .

The show has a lot of intrigue and a significant amount of depth to it. Vampires , werewolves and really pretty girls who know how to lie have lost their appeal for me. The TV adaptation stays true to most ( not all) of the plot in A Song Of Ice and Fire and I applaud the tremendous effort they take to make things seem as authentic as possible. The casting is superb. They made excellent choices in all the principle characters.

My favourite character is Daenerys Targaryen . She is really cool.   I just  hope she makes it to King’s Landing ( in the show) because it’s been four seasons of watching her meander along with her army. Jon Snow’s my second favourite character 😉 I am looking forward to season 5 set to be released in April next year !tumblr_ne1r7ormEQ1re49vro1_500

I think GOT is the epitome of awesome. IT HAS DRAGONS ! HOW MUCH COOLER CAN A SHOW GET?! It’s fast paced and thoroughly  unpredictable.Some of my favourite characters have met their untimely demise and I stay on the edge of my seat .

I do understand that it might not everyone’s cup of tea though. Kind of like how some people don’t like Harry Potter ( I don’t get that ).Other shows that I enjoy watching are: How To Get Away With Murder , Orphan Black , Sherlock and Orange Is the New Black. 

My posts from this week until next week Tuesday are going to be short because I have exams and my time is unfortunately not my own 😦

Lots Of Lily Love ❤ (LOLL)

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