My Favourite Movie !

Day 24 : Your favourite movie and what it is about 🙂

After Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince , Legally Blonde is my favourite movie. I could write all day about Harry Potter but I do not have the luxury of time . So I decided that it would be easier for me to write about Legally Blonde instead.

Amongst my favourite movies are the Lord Of The Rings movies as well as the unfinished Hobbit Trilogy. I cannot wait for the final instalment of the Hobbit. The book was less than 300 pages,so a trilogy was hardly necessary but it makes for excellent movie marathons.

This is going to be awesome !

Legally Blonde

Reese Witherspoon is cast as Elle, a sorority girl who is hopelessly in love with her long- term  boyfriend Warner who aspires to become a student at Harvard Law School. Warner invites her on a date and she is confident that he intends to propose to her. She prepares for the occasion but ends up with a broken heart when Warner terminates their relationship because of disapproval from his family.She spirals into a depressive state for a few weeks.

One day Elle suddenly decides that the only way she can get Warner, who she believes to be the love of her life,  back is to apply for Harvard Law School so that he can see that she is intelligent. She hopes that he takes her back and proposes to her. Against the wishes, or rather expectations, of the people around her, including her own father , she manages to do excel in her LSAT exam,  and is accepted into Harvard Law School.

She arrives at Harvard only to discover that Warner is now engaged to a girl called Vivienne. Rivalry ensues between the two with Elle desperate to win Warner back.However, after a series of unfortunate events, she decides to stop trying to get everybody else to like her and starts working hard for herself.

In the end she ends up kicking a whole lot of prejudiced butt and lands up with the man of her dreams who might or might not be Warner  ;). There’s also a really cool courtroom scene where she kicks even more prejudiced butt ! Watch the movie to find out more 🙂




This movie is really cute and should be watched by everyone 🙂 It’s also funny and surprisingly motivational 🙂  Until later , Pathology beckons 🙂

I also enjoyed the tale of star crossed lovers Augustus and Hazel Grace in The Fault In Our Stars. It was moving. I was actually surprised at the depth in the story. John Green is a talented novelist for the youth. Paper Towns, another one of his fantastic novels starts movie production and I have very high expectations of it 🙂

Young love ❤

Lots Of Lily Love ❤ (LOLL)


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