Internet eye candy ;)

Day 23 : Give pictures of five guys who are famous who you find attractive 🙂

You have asked and so I shall regale you with instances of their awesomeness. Disclaimer: If at any point you feel your heart start to beat erratically whilst looking at these photographs, step away from your screen , take a deep breath and then come back for more 🙂

 Alfred Enoch. 

He played Dean Thomas in Harry Potter . He is currently starring in a new show called How To Get Away With Murder. He’s half British and half Brazilian. Has a degree in Portuguese and Spanish from Queen’s College at Oxford University.

CTV Upfront 2014


Tom Hiddleston

He stars as Loki in the epic Thor and Avenger movies. He is so so so so funny. I love him dearly. There’s a video of him dancing on YouTube and it’s quite magical.


Logan Lerman

I’ve been obsessed with the Percy Jack son series since I was really young and watching him mature into this beautiful creature has been rather gratifying. He was brilliant in The Perks Of Being A Wallflower , another book that I am in love with! I can’t wait to see him star in more roles .


 Kit Harrington 

I’m a huge Game Of Thrones fan (read my previous post 😉 .I appreciate the eye candy that the show offers 🙂 Jon Snow may know nothing but he sure does know to look good in a suit 🙂



My padre is in Stromae’s country for the week and I’m so jealous ! Stromae is really amazing. His beautiful music just enhances his attractiveness ❤


Pharms was ok. I’m sending thoughts of good luck, love, awesomeness and happiness to whoever marks my paper. Onto to the next one : Essentials of Disease processes : Pathology 🙂

Lots Of Lily  Love ❤


3 thoughts on “Internet eye candy ;)

      1. Exactly! The fact that its in french though makes it hard to sing a long but hey, at least I’m trying ;D Have you read/watched Its Kind Of A Funny Story? I think it has a similar theme to POBAW and is pretty good too 🙂


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