Someone who fascinates me

Day 25 : Someone who fascinates me and why

My youngest sister proves to be a continual source of fascination for me.

She is the nicest and kindest little human being that I have ever known. Hers is a heart of gold. She is always asking me how my day was and is genuinely interested when I talk to her. We often have long philosophical discussions about life and all its hardships.

Her laughter is the most contagious thing in this world and she showers love to every person in her path.

She is also really funny and incredibly intelligent. She is always asking questions , always in pursuit of answers and explanations. Her perceptiveness is alarming, she is gifted at assessing emotional climates and is fully aware of how to react appropriately. What fascinates me is how someone so small has the capacity for so much love and wonder.

She is only five years old but she is already a better person than most people I know, myself included. I hope she retains all these wonderful qualities and does not lose herself to this strangely cruel world that we live in as she grows up.

Lots Of Lily Love ❤ (LOLL)


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