The Law Of Attraction

Day 26 : What kind of person attracts you ?

Oh dear, this challenge is becoming rather personal ( insert blushing face ). I will assume that the attraction referred to is of a romantic nature . Let me begin by stating that when it comes to anything to do with romance of any kind , I am cynical.

I usually pride myself in being Optimistic Lily  but when it comes to matters of the heart ( or rather the brain since it has been proven that the heart plays absolutely no role in the emotional well being or reasoning of an individual ) ,  I am made of stone.

The Law of Attraction states that if one individual is attracted to another, the other will remain blissfully unaware of said attraction thus rendering the fore mentioned lovelorn individual to wallow in their pool of loneliness and unrequited love.

What does it take to attract Lily

I certainly hope that my future partner, who ever he is and where ever he may be, does not read this. If he does so, and is reading this in the future,  then (insert term of endearment here: honey, sweet heart, sugar bear, darling, lotus flower etc) take everything I say with a pinch of salt because I am an 18 year old girl ( can I say woman now ?) and my priorities in life may or may not remain the same.


First thing’s first : Just look presentable. I am not talking about external beauty because we all know “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” and what have you it. I am talking about general presentation. If I don’t know you then I have nothing upon which to judge you except for your appearance. I am not one to remain fixated with what what type of clothes people wear or from where they buy them. If you look decent and presentable then you will have acquired at least 10 points for Gryffindor. However if you are all exterior and no interior, you will be stripped of all points and given the cold shoulder.


Be Nice. You know that saying that “nice guys finish last” , I abhor it will all my being. I personally prefer guys who are genuinely nice. Some people equivocate niceness with being boring and that is so weird. So called bad boys are overrated, mundane and thoroughly predictable. The “Just-Rebelling-For-The-Sake-Of-It” image is a disaster and  I don’t like it at all. Avoid any signs of jerkiness (sidebar: jerkiness is the strangest word I have ever seen).

Be Kind. I would like to be treated with the respect and kindness that I deserve. My being an introvert does not in any way suggest meekness or docility . Kindly discard your alpha male tendencies before  approaching me.

Be honest. I am am not a mind reader and I cannot pre-empt anything you might be feeling because I bear sole responsibility for me , myself and I. I have no desire to play games of any sort and appreciate honesty in all its forms. I’m usually very blunt and direct about such things and I expect the same from others.  I hate it when people take a roundabout route in saying what they want or feel. So much angst can be avoided by good ‘ol honesty and communication.

Be passionate: Passion is a sign of ambition and I think it’s a sign that you have the desire to be more than just what you are. People who are willing to settle without any sort of drive , repulse me . Please be a nerd. Nerds are cool because nerds get excited about stuff that nobody likes to get excited about. #nerdfighter . It would be nice if you were concerned with decreasing the amount of world suck but if you are not , I will be okay with that. Just be passionate about something.

Elle's passion is shopping. What's yours?
Elle’s passion is shopping. What’s yours?

Be healthy. Lead a healthy life. No drugs, excessive binge drinking and crazy partying. Do not smoke at all. It will literally ruin the whole thing even if you were doing really well too. Unless it’s a metaphor – then I absolutely understand.tumblr_na6z8hhruZ1slhyy2o1_250

Be intelligent. We will need things to converse at some point about things other than ourselves .Let’s talk about politics and news headlines.  So if you’re up for debates and factual arguments that would be great. Have an opinion about stuff. I tend to be completely and utterly verbose and if you could add to the conversation, that’d be great thanks . . Bonus points if you’re a reader ! ( At least 50 gazillion bonus points )



Lots Of Lily Love ❤ (LOLL)


I adore comments ! Feel free to drop one below :)

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