The next thirty days . . .

Day 29 : Goals for the next thirty days !

Today officially marked the end of my first year. I wrote my last exam , Introduction To Clinical Medicine, this morning.tumblr_nby2qzS3Sh1rbc9h1o1_500

The moment is rather bitter-sweet though because I have yet another week before I know whether or not  I have been promoted to second year. I’ve come to terms with the fact that anything could happen . I’m preparing myself all the different scenarios that could play themselves out when my marks are released. I’ve prayed for Jesus to take the wheel and I certainly hope that he has.

Goals for my vacation

The next thirty days of my life will take place during my holiday. I am going to be incredibly busy ! I have so many things to do in this very short amount of time allocated.

  • Driving – This is number one most important thing that I need to accomplish before my birthday next year ! I need to learn how to drive and this holiday is a great time to start. I want to avoid what happened a few days ago with my Pathology exam.
  • Work – I’m strongly debating this choice because I need to rest. I , however, also need to money to spend during my holiday. If I do end up working, it will not be for the duration of my vacation.
  • Friends – I’m going to go for lunch a lot this holiday. Why lunch , you might ask? Well, lunch is my favourite meal of the day and usually the only time when I don’t feel like working or doing anything productive. This time is usually my nap time
  • Sleep – I need to catch up on sleep and rest adequately .
  • Fitness- I’m going to start exercising regularly. Over the course of the year, I came up with thousands of excuses to talk myself out of exercising and they almost always had the words :study” or “studying” in them.
  • Re-organise. I usually do a massive spring clean of my room at the end of the year do that I can enter the new year with a fresh out look of things.
  • Marathons. Moves, series, YouTube videos, Tumblr etc.
  • Excursions. I plan to go on outings around the Cape. lace like Kirstenbosch (my favourite place in the world) , Table Mountain and ALL the beaches in Cape Town !
  • Visit multiple book shops. I initially wanted to look for a job at a book shop but I decided that I would much rather be reading books than standing behind the counter longing to pick up amazing books but being unable to read them.
  • Learn more Russian.It’s such a a beautiful and  expressive language.
  • Read a gazillion novels . Because I’m a book nerd ! I miss reading for fun 😀
  • Volunteering. I used to volunteer fort nightly at an orphanage in my area. This year, I have not been able to visit them as regularly as I used to .
  • Road trip. I would like to have a road trip during this holiday :0

That’s all my brain can summon at this point . I will probably add more to this list. I cannot wait  to begin my epic thirty days to come 😛 Spasibo !

Lots Of Lily Love ❤ (LOLL)

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