Divine Intervention At Its Absolute Best !

I am officially a second year ! I passed ALL my exams ! Even the dreaded Pathology ! Words cannot express how grateful I am to have made it . One sixth of my journey is now complete !Kristen-Wiig-Maya-Rudolph-Happy-Dance-

My results were released yesterday afternoon and prior to that I was a bundle of nerves. I could not eat or sleep. I walked around my house in a zombie-like state. I dreaded sleep because of the terrors and nightmares it brought with it.

The Morning of Results Release Day( 06:00 am) 

giphy (5)

Later That Morning (08:00 am)


Ten Minutes after Later That Morning ( 08:10 am)


Mid-Morning (10:00 am)


At this point , I started to immerse myself in research about possible alternative careers that I could pursue instead of medicine.

My Top 5 Alternative Careers :

  • Professional Fan Girl – This would be the best job ever !
  • Professional #johnlock shipper – Johnlock is the way guys ! I might be turning into a superwholockian
  • Pimp’s Assistant – I originally thought I could be a stripper (jk mom and dad) but I don’t have the body or the dance moves for that.
  • Refrigerator Moderator – I would ensure that all the food in the fridge is of superb quality : by eating it of course.
  • Pottermore Champion –  My pottermore experience has been pathetic thus far ! I initially signed up when it first came out but I have not made any progress at all since then. I’m still on the first book ( hides face).

Lily the Loner Appears (11:00 am)


Starting To Care Again : Mid-day (12:00 pm)


Results were due to be released at 2pm

Return of The Appetite 13:00 pm


Self-doubt Alleyway 13:30 pm

stupid 1

Convincing myself that I had failed (13:50)


One Minute Before Results Release (13:59)


Seeing That I had Passed (14:02 pm) 

This was my exact reaction ! I was stunned beyond belief

A Flood of Relief ! (14: 03 pm)


The initial shock of seeing PASS next to my student number had worn off ! I didn’t care about what my mark was. I just wanted to see that I had passed and did not have to do any re evaluations for anything !

Later That Night ( 23:00 pm)


I had a most restful and relaxed sleep ! It felt so wonderful to dream of something other than my results ( this had been the norm for the past week). Depending on who you ask in my household, my marks were satisfactory (my padre thinks otherwise ). I have five more years to continue striving for excellence and to keep proving him wrong 😉

I am excited for second year but I think it would be wise if I concentrated on enjoying my holiday for now 🙂 I shall keep updating my Shindigs and Shenanigans during this vacation ( which I can now start to truly enjoy).

I plan to write posts regarding my first year experience and any helpful hints and tips I have for prospective medical students in South Africa ( because passing first year totally makes me qualified to do this 🙂 )

Lots Of Lily Love ❤ (LOLL)

4 thoughts on “Divine Intervention At Its Absolute Best !

  1. Congratulations!!!!!!! That’s fantastic (not that I EVER doubted you would pass).
    As for marks being “satisfactory”… meh. Everybody says they want to cum laude their degree but sometimes you have to choose between burnout or no burnout, and trust me, burnout sucks. All you need to do is know that you are doing your level best. That’s enough.
    Again, biiiig congratulations. Rest well these holidays because second year is a really hard one, but I have confidence that you will take it in your stride.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so so much ! I will continue doing the best that I can and I will definitely avoid burnout , at all costs !

      Now my brain is like “Cue nightmares about second year now that first year is over” . I’m just gonna hit the snooze button on these nightmares until the 6th of January !

      Good Luck for Hell Week ! You’ll do fantastically and you will survive ! Stay awesome and inspirational ❤


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