First year spread and all it’s glory

Amongst all the dreadful things that I had heard about university, first year spread was what I feared the most. First year spread is a phenomenon where first year students gain weight as a result of the stressful routines they are thrown into when they commence their studies at university.

I assumed that my home-dwelling status would provide me with immunity from this awful trend but alas, it was not to be. I have gained approximately 11 pounds in a period of 9 months !

Being the hypochondriac I am, I went on Web MD and researched all the illnesses that are the causative factors of dramatic weight gain.  After hours of research, I was able to confirm that I was indeed possibly suffering from a variety of illnesses. These range from diabetes and hypothyroidism to  pregnancy and cushing syndrome. going to die

I then made an excursion to my local physician and apprised him of all my symptoms ( fatigue , nausea, joint pain and excessive hunger) and he came to the conclusion that I need to . . . exercise !

He said that my sedentary and stressful lifestyle had caused this dramatic weight gain that I was experiencing and that all I needed to do was exercise.

Denial was my initial reaction but I have had some time to think about where and how I went wrong and I came up with a long list of felonies I committed throughout the year.

Lily’s list of exercise related felonies (2014 edition)

1. I did not prioritise exercise. I put my allegiance and devotion towards studying ardently for my assessments and examinations – which, in retrospect, was not a bad idea because I did pass- but it contributed to my massive increase in weight. Time-to-work-out

2. I really love food.  I have never counted calories and to do so would deprive me of any joy in my life.IMG_85109669038045

3. When I had the opportunity to exercise,  I made excuses not to. My most frequent excuses were about the weather.IMG_5600280761730

Other excuses I have made in order to avoid exercise

*I have not eaten yet and I should therefore should not exercise at the risk of lowering my already lowered glucose levels. I should probably eat something first and then wait for an hour before exercising

*I have eaten recently and should probably not undertake any form of exercise as this may result in gastrointestinal problems , nausea and vomiting

*My training clothes are really dirty and it would be really shameful  for me to go out in public and exercise in clothes that are dirty.

*I cannot pin-point the exact location of my workout clothing.

*The sun is shining too brightly and its glare might give me a headache .

*My room needs spring-cleaning.

4. Inconsistent meal times. Sometimes my timetable would screw me up and I would forget to eat. Sometimes I would eat as if I had my refrigerator stored in my backpack. snacks

5. Auntie Flo’s visits. She is my favourite auntie and I love hear dearly . She always insists on visiting for at least 5 – 7 days and we have such a wonderful time bonding with each other. She is such a lovely person and always reminds me to take my iron supplements.uterus punch

6.Eating the easiest / most convenient option which was usually cafeteria food or fast food. We have a most unhealthy menu at our cafeteria and since I do not have the option of driving myself to decent places to eat, I have to eat there. IMG_1227141052251

7. Exam study munchies. Those munchies are real people. I had so much eksamenkoek (exam cake) I’m bursting at the seams. Thr tempatation to havefoodie

My padre is telling me not to worry about this increase in weight because I am still growing. He makes an valid point but if I were to gain 11 pounds every year until I graduate,  my BMI would sky rocket straight into the obese category and he would have to fit my medical bills.

If I were taller, my excess weight would be evenly distributed throughout my body but I’m only 5’3 and the weight has nowhere else to go except around my tummy. I now have an unwelcome addition to my stomach called “pooch”.

I’m going to spend the rest of holiday devising a plan on how to get rid of “Pooch”. Pooch has got to go. Pooch is not healthy. If I let Pooch do whatever she wants , I will probably suffer from central obesity and die from a myocardial infarction in the next decade.

Lots Of Lily Love ❤ (LOLL)

3 thoughts on “First year spread and all it’s glory

  1. Hey Lily, I am a fan of your work. Keep it up!
    Just wondering, in you opinion, how much Afrikaans do you have to know to survive as a med student in Stellenbosch


    1. Hi ! Thanks for visiting 🙂

      Stellenbosch has a dual language policy put in place. This means that lectures are a mixture of both English and Afrikaans. I felt that there was always more English than Afrikaans and if the lecturer did say something in Afrikaans, they would translate it.

      There is a lot of diversity in the classes. We have international students, Afrikaans HL students , English HL students and students who have other home languages. Lecturers will always do their best to accommodate as many people as they can . There is never a situation where you don’t know what’s happening because of the language.

      There were a handful of lectures that were conducted in just Afrikaans and they offered parallel translation throughout.

      Don’t worry about not having Afrikaans background knowledge, it’s fine . You will definitely survive 🙂


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