Holiday Shenanigans!

I have taken a pro-active stance on exterminating Pooch. I now exercise more regularly and kind of ( but not really ) eat more healthily. I went for a run, for the first time in months, a few days ago and it felt fantastic ! I ran for 2 hours without even realising it. I have repressed the love that I have for running over the past year and it feels superb to be back on the road. I can feel my muscles warming up to the idea of being used for something other than my recurrent expeditions towards my refrigerator .

My Shenanigans thus far . . . .

shenanigans Holiday Job – I have reprised my role as part of the casual staff at my local video shop. I really love working there because it is the most stress-free job one can have after a terribly busy semester. My parents laugh at the peanuts I earn but it is a refreshing environment to be in. The customers that I serve are thoroughly entertaining ( I will post more about that at a later stage).

Adventures in the Cape – Cape Town is a lovely place to live in and it has been fun going around pretending to be a tourist. Being relaxed has allowed me to enjoy things from a different perspective. I really love the outdoors ( when the weather is great) and hiking is my favourite past time. I also have an affinity towards trail running because it combines hiking and running – my two favourite outdoors activities.

Writing – This is quite possibly one of my favourite part of the holiday. During the semester my head was perpetually teeming with ideas for short stories and poems but finding the time to sit down and write was virtually impossible. It is wonderful to wake up and just write whatever I want whenever I want.

Reading – I am catching up on my leisure reading. I read a variety of genres but YA Fiction and Fantasy are my favourite. A friend of mine dared me to read Fifty Shades Of Grey . He bet , a month’s worth of sushi, that I would not be able to read any further than the first chapter but I have finished the entire novel (FSOG is apparently part of a trilogy but dear lord help my soul if I have to read any more ).  Upon completion of the novel I subsequently dunked my head in a bucket of ice cold water with soap so I could wash out the ghastly imagery and appalling writing from my brain. I then proceeded to write a scathing review about it on Goodreads. I cannot wait for my month’s supply of sushi. I earned it 🙂 ❤

Sleeping – I sleep for an average of 12 hours a day . I have naps whenever I most definitely feel like it .

Driving – DRIVING IS SO MUCH FUN ! OH MY GOODNESS ! I have always been fearful of driving but now that I have done a couple of lessons, I feel more at ease.I’ve never had to use my left leg as much as I have now #clutchcontrol. My instructor is amazing and she teaches perfectly ! She often jokes about how hard it is to teach medical students because the only thing we know how to do is study from our books (hahaha).  She also jokes about how slowly I drive but I really don’t see why she’s complaining if we’re both still alive 😉

My parents have not scheduled any cross-border excursions ( touch wood) for us to go on this year and I’m glad. I just want to revel in my free time.

Lots Of Lily Love ❤ (LOLL)

2 thoughts on “Holiday Shenanigans!

  1. It sounds just lovely! I wanted to go do some fun hiking or swimming today but the weather is miserable 😦
    I’m really impressed that you read FSOG (even if you hated it), because I just couldn’t get past like the first chapter.
    I’m so glad you are enjoying driving (and that you’re still alive!) – now, enjoy that sushi 🙂


    1. The weather in CPT has a way of changing people’s plans for them ! My mom always tells me to hope for the best but always prepare for the worst 🙂

      The sushi makes enduring that book a little better ! I wish someone had told me about how awesome driving is because I would have made an effort to get my license ages ago !


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