Endings and Beginnings :)

fireworksHappy New Year to one and all ! In the spirit of new beginnings, fresh starts and “insert any phrase or saying that alludes to the fact that this is a new year” , I have changed the theme of my blog. I’ve grown rather attached to my previous theme ( my dear old sentimental heart strikes again) but I feel that a brand new year ought to have an element of vitality brought to it by a new theme . I’ve placed this theme on a month long probation period .If I become emotionally attached to it , I might decide to keep it ❤

2015 my year

Particular emphasis will be placed on the “FINANCIAL” aspect  🙂

I want to have a fantastic year . I do, however, realise that the fantasticalness of this year will not reveal itself unless I partake in its manifestation. As per usual, I have made extensive lists of goals ( academic, physical, spiritual etc) to help keep me motivated throughout the year. I have a wall in my room with one half dedicated to messages of positivity and well-being and the other to the goals and resolutions that I have set for myself.


It needs more colour but that will come later . My mom claims that it’s too busy and that I won’t be able to concentrate properly but it does the trick – I always feel recharged after pondering on one or two motivational quotes. Redecoration is also my favourite thing to do around this time of the year. All my furniture has been topsy turvied and relocated to different areas of my room. One day , I was so lost with what to do with myself that I plastered my wall with movie posters 🙂 It doesn’t look too bad 😀IMG_20141229_163145

Back to Campus 

Having to return to campus so soon( 5 January???) is amongst the most vile and evil things ever inflicted upon anyone. Every other institution gives their students at least three months to recover and lick their wounds from battle(exams) . We only receive two and it only becomes shorter as the years go by. Sigh

lee pace sigh

This sigh is brought to you courtesy of the Elven King aka Lee Pace. I dare to dream that one I too shall have offspring who possess eyebrows of such great character. I honestly don’t understand why Legolas gets all the fuss ^_^

A part of me is anxious. Sometimes I start to panic at the thought of everything terrible that I have ever heard about second year. Even thinking about negative marking induces physical pain in my chest . Everyone ( from second years themselves to sixth years and occasionally, lecturers ) complains about second year . Nobody has anything nice to say about it. One can therefore conclude that my anxiety is justified.

Then I remind myself to breathe deeply and relax. I do realise that it is impossible to be completely free of anxiety. Instead of letting this anxiety overwhelm me, I shall harness it and use it to motivate me on my crusade towards greatness 🙂


A bigger part of me is really excited though. Like jumping-up-and-down , going-crazy-sitting-at-home-for-the-past-two-months-and-am-in-need-of-serious-mental-stimulation excited. My family has reached a point where they are praying for my return to campus because I ,apparently ,exude too much energy that needs to be wasted in another atmosphere. Like a library or a study cabinet.

JLaw understands me 🙂

I can’t wait to see my friends . The first few days will undoubtedly be a flurry of greetings and exclamations of “It’s so good to see you again” (which it will be) lots of hugging(which is ok) and a lot of catching up (which is actually the only reason that anyone wants to see their friends again after TWO months).

There are also a lot of parties scheduled for the first week.It’s called Feesweek which translates into feast week? ( pardon my Afrikaans translation). My plan (my rather brilliant plan) is to attend all of these and then call it quits for the year. The success lies in the fact that I will be so incredibly involved for that period of time that it will use up my stock of FOMO for the entire year.  Like I said, brilliant.

party hard
Dumbledore knows what’s up 🙂

A busy year lies ahead but I am ready to take the challenge on. Best wishes to everyone too 🙂 ❤

Lots Of Lily Love <3(LOLL)

4 thoughts on “Endings and Beginnings :)

  1. Allow me to say something positive about second year to make you feel better: it taught me so much about stress management and survival that even sixth year seemed easy in comparison. So get through this, and you are virtually guaranteed to succeed. You can do it!

    Your new theme is just gorgeous, by the way. And your work space looks lovely.

    All the best this year, Lily. And do attend and enjoy Feesweek – it really is quite a lot of fun.


    1. Thank you ! I’ll let the new theme stick around a little longer 😀

      You give me hope 🙂 I think this year deserves nothing but the best of my ability and I will keep working hard to make sure that I do just that.

      Feesweek is legendary – I have been told that this is the one week I do not want to miss 😉


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