Year Of The Crown :)

I have a Life Timetable. This was composed years ago during endless Technology lessons and art exams.ย In this timetable I wrote down ( sometimes with the aid of my dear and special friends) one thing that I aspire to accomplish at each stage of my life.

In my 28th year I have to go sky-diving. In my 33rd year I have to delete Facebook. When I am 80 , I have to dye my hair red with blonde highlights ( to resemble the German flag – I was still studying German at that stage and had a slight obsession with German soccer players Jerome Boateng and Thomas Muller <3)

Let me love you 2015 !

I turn 19 in 2015 , my crown birthday as I was born on 19 April ( henceforth “The Year Of The Crown”), and in this year I am expected to “Fall in love “.It doesn’t say with whatย ,ย whom, when ,where and whyย , so I am going to assume that I can pretty much fall in love with anything I choose. I have decided that 2015, this my nineteenth year, shall be the year that I fall in love with everything.


Year of The Crownย 

diva queen

I have a lot to be excited for this year. I have set ambitious goals and I want to achieve them all. I will work very hard to keep myself focused. Here are a select few ๐Ÿ™‚

Run 190 km over the course of the year . 10 kilometres for every year that I have been alive ๐Ÿ™‚ My endurance whilst running is improving steadily. I hope to accomplish this goal with great enthusiasm. I have completed 25 kms thus far.

horizontal running
I’ve recently learnt that Horizontal Running is not a thing. I’m planning on doing vertical running this year ๐Ÿ˜‰

Read 50 books (non-textbook ) ! I do concede that this is an ambitious goal but my To Be Read (TBR)ย list is growing at a rate that I can no longer exercise control over. My list is longer than just 50 but I need to start somewhere. I’ve already managed to read one book and it makes me so happy ! 49 to go !


Start Kick boxing lessons . The gym on campus offers lessons. I enjoyed learning kick boxing on You Tube.This is my way of staying fit and healthy this year ๐Ÿ™‚

These are fun times, there is no denying.

Stay academically focused. This is probably theย most important goal for me this year. Luckily, ย Academic Kitty is here to help me with this !

A doctor in training
A doctor in training – kitty bang bang

Try to enjoy coffee. I’m not a coffee person. I love tea with all my heart. Mostly rooibos vanilla tea but anything other than coffee. I need some coffee education.

ANOTHER ! ( Proceeds to smash cup with strength that is decidedly non-human)
ANOTHER ! ( Proceeds to smash cup with strength that is decidedly non-human)

Learn how to knit. My sister knows how to and teases me mercilessly about my lack of know how. I shall learn how to knit and amaze all with my glorious skills.

Enter a writing competition. I have several pieces that are nearly done. My aim is not to win. I just want someone else to read and tell me what they think .A third person party with no bias .

Visit amazing restaurants and eat delicious food. Food is very important to me( If you wanna be my lover , you gotta understand the love I have for food) and it does make sense that I would include it on this list. There are some lovely local restaurants that I have not yet had the opportunity to feast in.

Do trail runs and hike regularly. I’m excited about this because I love outdoors activities. For a few hours I forget that anything other than splendid beauty exist in this world.

Radiate happiness and joy and Live passionatelyย ! Excuse me while i kiss the sky ๐Ÿ™‚

โค ย 

Lots of Lily Love โค (LOLL)


5 thoughts on “Year Of The Crown :)

  1. Love your Life Timetable, never heard of one before, maybe you would help me create one.
    Had a list of things to do when I turned 19, as it was my last teenage years… did most of them except fall crazy in love with someone, he just never came!


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