“To party or not to party. . .”

The final instalment of Feesweek (a Cheese and Wine Party) takes place later tonight ! but I am as yet undecided on whether or not I should grace the event with my presence 😀 There is the promise of dancing and fun but I am exhausted after this week.

I danced for five hours !
I danced for hours ! It was so fun!

I attended a foam party ( the greatest fun that there ever was) It was hilariously entertaining to witness my studious mates let their freak flags fly on the dance floor .The muscles in my legs are aching – I actually danced all night long ! I have no regrets at all.


Medical School Misconception #1: Medical students don’t have social lives 

There is a blanket assumption made by the general public that ALL medical students have NO social lives.  

While it is true that the structures of our social lives are inherently flawed (thanks goes to our course directors) when compared to those of other university  students, it is incredibly false, and downright rude,  to assume that we spend ALL our time buried under piles of books in the library and don’t know what year we live in ( It’s 2015 ). giphy (10)

Let Lily Educate:

The truth is that medical students do not often have the opportunity to party but when they do , they turn up ! They really do and they have a lot of fun ! More fun than those who frequent clubs on a bi-weekly basis.  We usually do this during Feesweek (party week for seniors) , Joel ( first year welcoming and orientation ), End Of Block parties( every six weeks – more or less) and a host of other events throughout the year .


A social life to some people directly translates into how many parties one attends and clubs they frequent. I disagree with that unquestionably flawed interpretation because standing in a dark room filled to the brim with strangers and lucidly flashing disco lights with terrible music blaring in the background for nights on end does not mean that you have a superior social life to someone who prefers to have movie nights with a few close friends .


Most medical students spend their weekends relaxing because after a week filled with eight hours of dissection and academic work, all you want to do is sleep.  This probably applies to a lot of other students as well. Partying is not the sole source of enjoyment that one can have socially. We do many other things. I love going out for coffee dates, having cocktails on the promenade , picnics and many other  social activities with my friends ( provided that my #studentbudget does not invoke its power) 🙂

In short: Medical students do have social lives .

Lots Of Lily Love ❤ (LOLL)

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