Look At All This Work I Have Not Done !

Second year is living up to its vile reputation. One month in and I feel as though I have already completed multiple blocks. The volume of work is simply outrageous.  I thought Pathology was worth complaining about but alas. The respiratory system has proved me wrong. Lectures usually end at four after which I am expected to go home, consolidate those lectures,  proceed to prepare for the next day’s lectures , eat , sleep and wake up completely refreshed the next morning.

I wonder if I will never not be super busy in the near future
I wonder if I will never not be super busy in the near future

The clinical lectures are, however,  interesting and engaging. Each lecture usually ends with me vehemently vowing to never ever smoke . Smoking , it appears, is responsible for just about everything that can go wrong in the respiratory tract , If not, it exacerbates pre-existing conditions.

We start clinical group sessions this month and I am jumping up and down in excitement ! I am waiting on my white coat but I already have my stethoscope and name badge (They spelt my name and surname correctly #winning 🙂 .

We have two doctors , a consultant and a registrar , who will teach us how to examine patients, take their history and whatever else is in our outcomes.These session will continue for the duration of the year and cover each body system that we will be studying.

I'm super excited - can you tell ?
I’m super excited – can you tell ?

In third year, we begin our early clinical rotations and this prior exposure will help us feel more confident in a hospital setting .

I plan to acquaint myself with the hospital surroundings because, even though I studied Geography for five years, I have a terrible sense of direction 😦 .

I know very little of the hospital , save for the cafeteria which has delicious food (much tastier than the paltry cafeteria on campus) .

In my defence, the hospital is a tertiary hospital and that is the biggest hospital we have here ! I will have to align myself with someone whose sense of direction is significantly better than mine 😉 #strategy !

Lots Of Lily Love ❤ (LOLL)

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