Sleep Deprived and Hungry

I am writing a test based on  111 (one hundred and eleven)  lectures in ten days ! Can somebody please hand me the keys to a fully-stocked liquor cabinet now. I have an urgent need to drown my sorrows.

I am on a mission to be healthy and exterminate Pooch so maybe some water ?

One module near completion and I can say I understand the reason for second year’s sinister reputation. The work seems to quadruple by the hour. I fell ill for two days and that resulted in a backlog of nearly 16 lectures! And to think that I have six more modules similar to this left!

I vaguely recall having sixty hours without any lectures scheduled. Our lecturers call them the “weekend” and we are expected to do everything we possibly can in these 60 hours. From eating to sleeping, exercising , having normal social lives and studying (which encompasses making notes , consolidating the notes and then testing how much you learnt from those notes with past papers from the dark ages ). tumblr_inline_ng7wg8TcNg1ri3etf

I had to spend the weekend attempting to bridge my gap of 16 lectures. I hardly slept at all during those 60 designated hours. I consumed enough coffee to power a small European country and for that I paid a very dear price.

My brain finally realised that coffee does not , in fact, equal sleep and revolted. I had to take a nap in the library. Luckily it was lunch time so only the truly dedicated and “will-work-through-the-only-time-they-have-to-eat” bore witness to this display of rebellion from my pineal gland.

work hermione
She looks exactly how I felt.

 Even though the workload is threatening to overwhelm me , I am happy to say that I enjoy the clinical lectures 🙂 I have great appreciation for the lecturers who are engaging and make their presentations interesting. It really helps because you sometimes have to weigh up the benefit of sitting in a lecture hall for hours on end listening to a bored ,monotonous voice against staying in the library and self-studying everything instead.angry brain

 It’s just scary to think that all this knowledge I am amassing now is knowledge that I am expected to have and rely on for the rest of my medical career. It’s a lot of pressure but its also really exciting.

 What I have learnt from the respiratory module thus far:

  • TB is a caseating , necrotic bastard of a bacteria that will eat away at anything that strikes its fancy .
  • Don’t smoke or do drugs or anything that suppresses your immune system because all the bacteria, viruses, fungi, anything microscopic and vaguely parasitic in nature will have a party and you will be their host.
  • Fluid where there normally isn’t any fluid is a bad thing. Air where there normally isn’t any is a bad thing. Google empyema. It’s not a pretty sight.
  • Coughing is a symptom for every single respiratory condition you can think of.
  • Immunology when administered to a group of 300 students has the adverse effects of a potent sleeping tablet.
  • You need to specialise in radiology before you can interpret anything useful from an X-Ray. ( Most diseases have similar presentations or lack any presentation at all yet X-Rays are set as the gold standard for diagnosis for a lot of them)
  • TB is scary.  I want to walk around with a TB mask . Is that socially acceptable?

The first years are swaggering about , revelling in their new-found freedom. The rate at which that swagger will diminish after their Pathology block will be quite the spectacle to behold 🙂


They seem an agreeable bunch , though I doubt that I will have much interaction with them. I am keeping a rather low profile this year.  I need to survive 😉

A small part (a really little part) of me yearns for that lack of urgency and giddiness at finally being away from high school and not having homework to complete for this and that teacher. Luckily an even bigger part of me keeps reminding me that this degree needs to be completed in 2019. #destinationgraduation 🙂

My favourite sport.

Lots Of Lily Love ❤ (LOLL)

5 thoughts on “Sleep Deprived and Hungry

  1. I can personally relate to this. I’m also in second your and is all about busting ass
    Naturally, the higher you go the cooler it is supposed to be. However, In here, its a complete reverse scenario. I Feeling like I’m in a pressed cooker.

    I study Biochemistry and Molecular Biology though , and its basically a mixbag of pure Chemistry (cursed Chemistry) and Biochemistry proper.
    Nowadays, I barely get up to there hard deep personally night. Its not only because of study, but an alvalanche of assignments, C.A booklets, and reports to make

    Nevertheless, we will surely get there, one day (graduation).


  2. You are not alone . I can personally relate to this. Naturally the higher you go, the cooler it is supposed to become. However, the reverse scenario is the case in here. Its all about busting ass.

    I’m also in my second year but i’m studying Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.

    I agree with you about about everything you wrote , from the stick-a-fork-in-your-eye boring lectures to the long coffee-induced all nighters.

    Recently, for me its been all assignments, C.A and report booklets, and exams come up next month.

    We will surely get through this.


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