Splendiferous Moments :)

What happened before Friday afternoon (Friday morning End Of Block Test) does not deserve any mention nor does it warrant any discussion on this blog (This is my happy space).

Captain America understands my feelings .
Captain America understands my feelings .

However, the time period between Friday afternoon and Sunday afternoon was resplendent and is definitely worth mentioning 🙂 ❤

End Of Block weekends are the crème de la crème of weekends because one is void of the incessant feeling of having forgotten to make notes for any lectures or lingering guilt as you partake in any activity that dares to lurk in the vicinity of fun. I had a fun and my 60 hours were well-spent. I was able to reduce my stress levels significantly and completely relax :).

A few happy snaps from my splendiferous weekend below 🙂

Channelling my inner Christina Yang

The cardiovascular system is up next and I am excited ! I have made mention of my aspiration to become a paediatric cardiothoracic surgeon and to be studying the most stunning organ system in the body will be amazing. I am, as can be expected, a huge Greys Anatomy fan and Christina Yang is a sass-master in her own right but Greys is not what sparked my initial interest in cardiothoracic surgery. pic

In the ninth grade , we had a project to make a poster based on an inspiring South African woman and someone in my class chose to do Dr Susan Vosloo , a paediatric cardiothoracic surgeon.  I was enraptured because only weeks earlier we had had a rudimentary introduction into the cardiovascular system in science class and I had already fallen in love.

An editorial about “Women with Knives”  was then featured in a newspaper and Dr Vosloo was one of the female surgeons who was interviewed.

She was the first female cardiothoracic surgeon in South Africa which is fantastic in the male-dominated world of surgery. She is incredibly successful and is an astutely intelligent woman who is exceptionally determined. She is a great inspiration to me and deserves mention for her outstanding drive to succeed and make this world a better place.

I hope to accomplish as much as she has in her very successful career. I am only in second year and that leaves a lot of room for changing my mind and making completely different decisions but for now this is what I have set my sights on accomplishing.

I am an Optimistic Realist. I hope for the best but make sure that I am always prepared for the worst. 

Our course convenors are adamant that no minute of our time is wasted and so we begin dissection as early as tomorrow morning. I am hardly bothered because I GET TO DISSECT THE HEART ! (dances around animatedly). Onto my next adventure 😉

Lots Of Lily Love ❤ (LOLL)

One thought on “Splendiferous Moments :)

  1. I love the no hipsters sign. But, overall, it looks like a great weekend.
    Happy cardiovascular system learning (it was never really my thing, but I do have to admit the heart is fascinating, especially to dissect and figure out)!

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