The Awkwardness ( and Hilarity) Ensues

I am in desperate search of a new fairy godmother as the one appointed on my behalf has failed to fulfil her mandate . Her responsibilities include reducing the amount of awkwardness circulating in my life, a task at which she has failed judging by the amount of awkwardness I have had to endure in the last five days.

If there was a gag reel of bloopers on campus this week, my awkward situations would certainly top the list and have people either cringing or rolling on the floor with tears streaming from their eyes,  if not both.

oops hi
Picture that much awkwardness multiplied by 5 days !

This week in Awkwardness

Monday : A random girl who was walking towards me in the corridor waved in my direction and I, being the self-centred millennial that I am , waved back only to find that she was waving to her friend who was walking behind me #selfhighfiveawkward wave

Tuesday: I was tumbling down tumblr in the cafeteria when I stumbled upon a hilarious post and could not resist erupting into boisterous laughter. Luckily only a few people were allowed that unique auditory experience. Nevertheless, I shall only use Tumblr within the safety of my four walls in my room at home.

Awkward 2

Wednesday: Saw LH7H walking in my direction at Straatfees (Street Festival) and ran away awkwardly in the other direction only to bump into an unsuspecting individual with colourful smoothie in hand.My apologies smoothie guy  . I hope the stain comes out of your shirt . Put some white wine on it before you pop into the wash 🙂

That’s me passively avoiding confrontation ❗ 


Thursday : Bumped into LH7H  AGAIN and I couldn’t run away this time. I mumbled an incoherent sound that was a hybrid between strangulation and wincing. I didn’t know what to do with my facial features so I may have looked like I was grimacing painfully. Then someone phoned me and I had to fumble inside my bag to silence The Arctic Monkeys as they sang about Knee Socks ( That lead guitar gives me so much life !).

Oh come on ! Two days in a row ? Is this the lucky draw or something.

Friday: I was by the train station when a random guy came up to a girl who was sitting next to me. He tried by all means to engage her in conversation but she showed absolutely no ounce of interest in him and was engrossed by her cell phone for the duration of their interaction.

She barely acknowledged his existence and only glanced up periodically to check if the train was coming. I give him points for trying though 😉


He eventually gave up and in a pained and defeated voice proclaimed “I was trying to flirt with you dammit”. The awkwardness here not only lies in the fact that I had to bear witness to this already awkward situation but also because I gave a barely audible( I assumed that it was barely audible) snort of laughter before the guy walked away and he heard me .

Especially “awkward silences”.

In other news : I took my first patient history ! ( Jumps around in excitement ) I dare say that it went quite well. It was not as daunting as I thought it would be but it did take a rather long time because there is so much that you have to ask the patient and you have to be extremely thorough. In our next session we will be expected to do a general examination on our patients. I may have to brush up on my percussion and palpation skills.

Weekend Plans: Anatomy study and revision 🙂  I am going to spend most of this weekend in my study area,  which is probably for the best. It will help me contain the awkwardness to my study area. With the track record I am currently holding, my awkwardness could spill over into the rest of the week, and next week if I’m not careful,  and god forbid that any more people should have to bear witness to it.  tumblr_inline_ng58aeduCB1r776mh



Lots Of Lily Love ❤ (LOLL)

One thought on “The Awkwardness ( and Hilarity) Ensues

  1. Dear Lily
    You are only being human and not awkward. There are situations that sometimes deceive us. Have you ever raised a hand to greet someone and they do not raise theirs? It’s part of it. About relations, there are often times that one feels a lot of butterflies in the presence of certain people. The trick is not to make it obvious to the person and try and find out how the other person feels without letting them know how weak you become in their presence (.e.g. LH7H). otherwise if anything is to come out of it, they will exploit your weakness. Welcome to real life, I am trying to fill in for your godmother and I know its not easy.

    Liked by 1 person

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