Upward and Onward

I have been nineteen for a grand total of two days and it has been simply magical !fairy

I woke up on my birthday to a scrumptiously prepared buffet consisting of all my favourite food and raucous singing from my family (some of which are unable to hold a tune). I was serenaded by the church choir and I had such a lovely day doing , wait for it  . . . nothing (mostly) . I took the the day to administer some self care. It was a beautiful day and a stunning beginning to my crown year 🙂 My parents and friends 😉 spoiled me thoroughly !tumblr_m79rr6Bk0G1qzqdem

My parents also purchased a car for me to make use of 😀 😀 😀 #Lily has wheels ! ❤ ❤



You probably have questions because the obligatory “JUST PASSED MY LICENCE ” blog post has not yet surfaced :

*Can Lily drive ? Why yes,  of course I can darling !

*Can Lily drive . . .  legally? Technically , no but I can explain . I started my driving lessons last year. Things were going very well until the monster that is “SECOND YEAR” came into my life and decided to obliterate all the free time that I have.

I will  take the test but not in the near future because exams are beckoning (studying three modules at once is not a joke people) and I need some time to calm my nerves. I shall be content with whizzing about in my neighbourhood  for the time being.

( with a licensed driver , of course 😉 )

Golly , I am just so gosh darn happy right now. Road-trips and an abundance of book shop visits are in my future !

Lots Of Lily Love ❤ (LOLL)

3 thoughts on “Upward and Onward

  1. Wow, it sounds like you had an amazing birthday, keep up the excellent! I hope all your dreams come true this year!! xoxo


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