The Quintessence of Second Year

Suffering. That is the great quintessence of second year. You suffer academically. You suffer emotionally. You suffer mentally. You also suffer physically. If the leprechauns really have it in for you, all four modes of sufferance will coincide in a beautiful kaleidoscope of misery and chaos.

Random Person: And how is school my dear?

They asked didn't they ?
They asked didn’t they ?


I study for hours on end and I still have mountains of work to plough through. I sometimes sleep at 2 am because that’s the only way I can ensure that I’ve thoroughly studied the work from the day.  I have three modules to study for exams and I honestly don’t know where to start. Sometimes I have days during which I cannot bear to look at any work and this usually results in me procrastinating and wasting all my time.

Some days are worse than others
Some days are worse than others

Lily (outwardly) : It’s fine thank you [ walks away to go and study].

What is second year really like?


It’s like trying to swim against the current in rip tide. It’s like trying to fill a perforated container with water. It’s like hiking up Table Mountain with flip flops during a storm. It’s like playing tug of war with a body-builder who has taken steroids since birth . It’s like trying to scrub a ballroom floor with a dish cloth. It’s like going into a coma and waking up with a year’s worth of work every single week.tumblr_inline_n54patqDh81rkatgp

I am exhausted. I have not had a proper holiday since January. Every single long weekend we have had has been peppered with tests and assessments to prepare for.

No Anne ! It's not fair at all !
No Anne ! It’s not fair at all ! Everyone else got a holiday but we didn’t !

Our exam timetable is nightmarish and does nothing to promote confidence in my abilities because all I can think about is HOW AM I GOING TO FIND THE TIME TO STUDY SO MUCH WORK !

When you realise how close together your exams really are.
When you realise how close together your exams really are and how much work you have yet to do ! 

If some magical fairy godmother were to interject at this point in my life and add an extra ten hours to my days, I would be eternally grateful !

We finish the GIT system on the 29th of May , ten days before the GIT exam. The week after that will be the respiratory system on Monday and the cardiovascular system on Thursday. My faith in the examination office has reached an all-time low.I somehow get the feeling that nobody really sat down to think of the implications of this exam schedule.

This bunny understands me better than most
This bunny understands me. 

So in order to restore my sanity, I have decided to set this weekend aside to plan . I am , after all, a planning enthusiast.I need to-do lists and timetables to give me order in my daily routine. I am going to plan my way forward from here onwards.

It’s daunting when your to-do lists extend to the ends of this earth but I am relying on them to keep me motivated and,  most importantly , disciplined.  The Land of Procrastination would coronate me as their queen but, while that offer is enticing, I must stay focused and stay away from its seemingly magical promises.

Sorry Spongebob, not this time
Sorry SpongeBob, not this time


I have also resolved to keep calm because panicking would be counter-productive and absolve all my effort thus far.

Haha 😀 I’ll stay reasonably calm ;D

Lots of Lily Love (LOLL) ❤

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