Shifting Dullness and other GIT moments

Scheduled Post: I am in the process of fighting for my academic survival (studying for exams) and shall resume regular blogging from the 18th of June. Replies will most probably be slow, so please do not take any offence when confronted by silence.

😀 😀 ❤ ❤

Shifting Dullness

Head of surgery department : Can anyone explain the sign referred to as shifting dullness?

Class ( imagine a silence so intense that you can hear a pin drop on the floor) . . .  

HOSD: Shifting dullness is a rather nonsensical sign that is used by most clinicians to in the diagnosis of ascites . It is not , as a student once told me, when a boring lecturer walks from one side of the room to the other.

Lily (inwardly) : That was really funny! Can I laugh ?

Can I?
Seriously, can I laugh?
I'm not really sure
Nobody else is laughing. Should I laugh by myself? That was really funny and I really want to laugh!
Whatever , that was really funny and I'm going to laugh
Whatever  I’m going to laugh anyway!

Gastro is coming to an end  and I thought ought to reminisce over the weird and wonderful moments that I experienced during it. I wish I had set aside more to blog but the countdown to exams got very real very quickly and I had to let my inner adult take control of the situation.

All the stress and worry put aside, I think I actually enjoyed Gastro more that I had expected to. The course convenors were organised and enthusiastic when they lectured us. I found that a refreshing change.


Early morning music sessions : During our metabolism lectures, we were greeted by the sound of music before the commencement of our teaching. The likes of Coldplay , Vivaldi and The Beatles indulged our auditory pengy

Lord of The Rings Quotes: Our metabolism lecturer , the very same one who played music for us occasionaly quoted LOTR  to supposedly make us feel better about having to study so much work.  It didn’t work but it was awesome to know that at least one of my lecturers was part of the Tolkien fandom.

He didn’t quote this but he would have been accurate because I felt frightened most of the time.

Risky hospital sessions: Our registrar stumbled upon an as yet undiagnosed patient and decided to entreat our “House” skills. It was all very exciting until we realised that the patient could possibly have had TB meningitis. We disinfected our hands promptly and evacuated the room with speed. In hindsight , the sign displaying the warning “KEEP OUT ! HIGHLY INFECTIOUS” should have been the biggest clue before we delved into our great diagnostic foray 😀

Our registrar's reaction afterwards !
Our registrar’s reaction afterwards !

Cadaver Fun: Our cadaver had an obstruction the size of a golf ball in his caecum that blocked his faecal contents. . We spent days cleaning foul smelling green faeces. He also had an abdominal peritonitis that we had to clean out. He also had a peritoneal infection and that had formed a paste-like consistency in his abdominal cavity. It was horrendous and we spent a lot of our time scooping out gooey contents.  You could say that we hit the jackpot of cadaver clean ups.

It was and I could not stomach food for a while after that.
It was indeed Jimmy! It was also traumatising 😛

Road accident: I bumped into another car. I’m ok. Amelie( I named the car Amelie – I have a tendency of naming inhuman objects) is also ok. It was just a minor accident and nobody was hurt. I would like to deposit all the blame on the guy who cut me off and went into my lane but truth be told, I should have made better use of the braking system.  My driving has improved significantly since then and I am happy to report that no other incidences have occurred .

giphy (18)
Amelie is one my favourite movies and I am always listening to the soundtrack (Yann Tiersen) and it just made sense to name my car after my favourite and quirkiest character 😛

Hypochondriac Lily: I diagnosed myself with peptic ulcer disease and GERD .I had myself convinced that I had the history and all the signs and symptoms necessary for a PUD diagnosis. After studying about all the complications of a PUD complications, I decided to consult the gastroenterology lecturer for a second opinion.

She did a thorough history for me and came to the conclusion that my suspected PUD and GERD was just examination/ assessment anxiety as the symptoms only seem to manifest then. There’s nothing wrong with me. I’m just stressed ^^’ !

Until later 🙂 ❤

Lots of Lily Love (LOLL)

2 thoughts on “Shifting Dullness and other GIT moments

  1. You have medical student syndrome! That’s my official diagnosis 😛
    Good luck, Lil. Glad your accident was minor. And glad you enjoyed gastro. Wish I could say the same. But then again, I hardly attended any lectures, so I suppose that was my fault! 😀


    1. Thank you for the diagnosis Doctor 😉 I think that the Gastro module feedback for the past few years has been bad so they really tried to make it a lot more fun and interesting for us because everyone is exhausted by the time they get to Gastro 😀


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