Coffee and Sarcasm 😄😍

It was then that Lily knew. That she had chanced upon her soul mate .  .  .

It was 9 am and  Lily was standing in a queue to acquire some much needed caffeine to power up for a day that was already proving to be arduous. The queue was unforgivably long and her position in it did not promise the sweet absolution of coffee any time soon. A few spots ahead , a couple was playing a game of “tug and war” to pass the time in the queue. It was almost endearing but Lily did not have enough energy to find it cute . All she cared about was the sweet absolution of coffee.

Suddenly the game of tug and war transformed into a vicious display of affection. Hands here , kisses there , embraces too. Lily was slightly alarmed but decided to avoid gazing at the offending pair by pointedly staring at her mobile phone , hoping that by the timefreaks me out she had finished going through her most recent messages , they would have stopped.

Her game of self distraction was, however,  interrupted when the offending pair decided to wage a war of tonsils with one another in the middle of the queue oblivious to the many other patrons standing with them. Lily was shocked 😲

Her anger threatened to bubble over the surface but she bravely fought the urge to hex them into oblivion. Were she able to , she would have blasted a Reducto in their direction but alas , she remembered , this was real life. Not Hogwarts . Instead she hissed in frustration and rolled her eyes in annoyance. It was far too early in the morning for her to deal with voyeurism of that kind not okayThe person behind her leaned in and whispered “Next they’ll be requesting a room,  complete with mood setting music and strobe lighting “.

It was then that Lily knew. That she had chanced upon her soul mate !😍😍

She turned around beamed in adoration . This person understood ! They understood the intricacies of PDAAS (Public Display of Affection Aversion Syndrome). Introductions were quickly made . Then the pair decided to try Cups and Saucers where the queue was, thankfully ,shorter and they did not have to bear witness to any tonsil wars or inappropriate groping. They talked for what seemed an age and bonded over their mutual dislike of awkward situations and sarcastic coping mechanisms.

 – THE END –

But then Lily being Lily forgot his name 😄

Lots of Lily Love ❤ ❤ (LOLL)

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