All Bashfulness Aside . . .

Urology lectures are so different from when I was learning about the reproductive system in the ninth grade. I went to an all girls high school so modesty was always encouraged. We always had to be respectful and decent young ladies who never ever used vulgar and crude language.

The said vulgar words being penis , vagina or  if you were really crude – breasts. We had a male teacher whose face would turn a beautiful shade of beetroot red whenever he had to say the word penis because the entire class would descend into fits of laughter.

jake blush
What a strong man – how he managed to teach us silly girls is beyond me ;D

Now, we have urology surgeons who begin lectures with introductory statements like “If you haven’t met the glorious organ that is the male penis . . “ . Nobody giggles or laughs uncontrollably because a) There is too much work being presented for you to notice that five minutes into the lecture, the word penis has been said about twenty times and b) People have actually matured and become adults who don’t giggle at words such as penis or vagina.

No other module,  thus far ,has been as explicit as the Urogenital System. We watched a video of a patient being treated for a low flow priapsm (he made use of an ICI for ED) and it had an age restriction of 18 with Nudity and Violence 😀 ! I must admit that I giggled a little bit but only because of the identically horrified expressions that were fixed onto the faces of most of the male members of the class. horrified

We also watched a video of a paraphimosis being rectified. The poor patient was given an anaesthetic yet I couldn’t help but wince in sympathy. ouch We are apparently supposed to have mastered the “art” of treating conditions such as these two by the time we graduate. Urology is definitely shaping up to being the harbinger of more painfully awkward situations for me in the future.

The Bacteriology and Virology has been *alarming*, to say the least. I am perpetually fighting the urge to scream “ABSTINENCE IS KEY” every time we learn about another STI (of which there are literally thousands). I wish all  romantic film makers that portray virtual strangers having sexual relations upon meeting each other could sit through what we medical students have to endure.


Urology is now over and we are finishing Gynaecology off this week. We have FOUR end of module tests (Pre-Clinical , Nephrology , Urology and Gynaecology) this year and I think that is definitely much better than having to cram all that work into one assessment.

I’m not an aggressive person. I gravitate towards the mellow side of life when situations begin to escalate, as they often do , BUT to get this picture (on the right) , I had to set my Bashful Betty tendencies aside and literally accost the professor as he left the lecture hall .

IMG-20150731-WA0001 (2)

The professor in question being the penis transplant surgeon or Dr. Dick as the media has dubbed him .This was on the day of his last lecture with my year and it seemed as though everybody wanted to either have their books signed or a snap a picture with him. He is one of the nicer surgeons that I have encountered 🙂

Lots Of Lily Love (LOLL) ❤ ❤ ❤

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