The Importance of Mentorship

The Urogenital System is now over ! Its culmination , a brutal week of end of block assessments that very nearly eradicated my ability to think clearly. We had five assessments from Monday to Friday. By Wednesday my brain felt abused and completely fried .I hope that I emerge victorious after that barrage of mental assault. Goodbye to reproductive organs with growths , infections of the sexually transmitted variety and all those ulcers ! #condylomataacumita


I feel the need to personally give thanks to the individual who devised the entire concept of end of block weekends. My weekend has been so great. I had the opportunity to spend some time with my family ❤ , read a couple of novels and just relax my mind after that week of insane studying 🙂 Quiet but lovely 🙂

On Saturday whilst revelling in my role as a glorified chauffeur (more about that later) , I bumped into of my lecturers at my sister’s hockey match. I felt apprehensive about approaching her but then I thought “Oh well, she doesn’t know who I am so if I were to embarrass myself it would be as if this had never happened”

Luckily she recognised me ; I sit in the front row in lectures because my eyesight is deplorable and I fall asleep anywhere else. We ended up having a delightful conversation wherein she gave me some incredibly terrific advice.

Do not allow medicine to take over your life. You must be more than your job description. Have fun with your friends , enjoy the time spent with your family and chose happiness every single time. If you find that you’re not happy at any given time, you’re doing it wrong. Don’t suffer in silence and accept that as being the norm. 

I found her advice very refreshing considering the fact that most consultants (attendings in USA) often preach the “study until you drop” gospel. They are so far removed from student life that they just expect you to have your life centred around medicine.


Some consultants are so deeply fixated with proving their superiority that they forget that their mandate is teach us how to live our lives without allowing medicine to consume us. I have so much appreciation for all the mentors that inspire students and motivate them to lead lives that are not one dimensional.

I’m also really grateful for all the people in my life who’ve always been a source of encouragement. They’ve helped me realise the importance of balance, which I strive to achieve, and the importance of being a wholesome human being. Especially my mentut (mentor/tutor) and Megz (my unofficial mentor 😉 )who is one of the coolest people I know !

Tomorrow it’s back to the bustle of the MB, ChB hustle 🙂 (You are allowed to laugh at that lame rhyming attempt :P) Our next block is the Endocrine System and I don’t know how to feel about it yet. Hormones seem fun, they really do , but lectures about diabetes are definitely not as exciting as watching a priapsm being taken down ! 😛giphy (15)

Lots Of Lily Love ❤ (LOLL)

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