Marriage Proposals and Heartbreak

tumblr_inline_nekmb3IRYL1sgdiafI nearly got engaged during my end of block  weekend. It all happened rather quickly but the short of the situation is that I had to decline. My decision was influenced by the fact that I had not yet met my suitor until that very afternoon and he was probably at least three if not four times my own age. I was travelling a la carte public transport (train) with my sister and friend en route home when he grabbed my hand and proclaimed “You look single , I’m single .We should get married”.

After the initial shock of being accosted had worn off , I took my hand back and had to tell him that that’s not really how marriage works 😄 He looked rather crestfallen when I rejected his “generous” offer. That I left a broken heart on that station does not please metumblr_inline_nfic6uoPij1rgzit6 but I had to put my best interest at heart.  A classic me before you scenario💔

I am , however, truly heartbroken , not for the aforementioned reason but because I finished The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini. I cried profuse and salty tears when I put that book down. I don’t think I’ll actually “get over it” any time soon.

I’m not sure how one appears to single though😐. I might have elicited some offense from that statement were I not actually otherwise unattached. That being said , my resting bitch face game requires urgent attention because marriage proposals should not be the norm from people I hardly know.

Lots of Lily Love ❤ ❤ (LOLL)

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