The Global Goals And Why I Care ✌✌

global goals

The United Nations released a list of goals that they have set aside to achieve by the year 2030. They are ambitious , dauntingly so ,but by no means impossible. If everyone in the world cared enough, we could easily accomplish these goals in the next five years .Fifteen years is, however, a long time and I am certain that a difference will be made from now until then.

I care because this world is part of my future and I ultimately want what is best for it.  I support all 17 global goals but the ones I feel most passionately about are 3, 4 and 5 respectively.

Global Goal #3 : Good Health and Well-Being

I support this goal because as a future medical doctor , the health and well-being of my patients will be of paramount importance. I want so desperately for the quality of health care to improve and this deserves effort from everyone . Especially in Africa.  People should not succumb to illnesses and diseases that have treatments and cures available. Similarly , health care professionals should not have to compromise on patient treatment because of exorbitant costs.

Global Goal #4 : Quality Education

I am of the firm belief that education will take anybody anywhere they please in this world . It seems clichéd but education has a tremendously positive impact on people’s lives. Education can help with many of the problems that people face in their daily lives..  I would not have tertiary education foisted upon people but there is a basic level of  schooling that everybody is entitled to. Schooling that is sufficient for living comfortably and navigating this global environment that we aspire to live in.

Global Goals #5 : Gender Equality

People often misunderstand feminism . It surpasses the archaic image of throngs of women marching violently whilst burning bras and chanting about their belligerent hatred of all males . Feminism is about levelling the field of opportunities granted to both males and females.It’s about being a female graduate and knowing that I stand as good a chance as any other male graduate in getting a job. It’s about having families rejoice when they hear that they are expecting a girl ; not terminating their pregnancies. It’s about tearing down stereotypes that only serve to diminish the role that women have in society.

Lots Of Lily Love ❤ (LOLL)

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