Kangaroo Mother Care 💕

If ever you want to discover just how long one year can be, do second year medicine . Where each module you do ( of which there are seven) seems to span a decade of its own.

The culmination of the Reproductive System will be on Friday !  But alas , I cannot celebrate as I still have one more module to endure before examinations progress and then I get to go on holiday.  So much has happened this year ! I just want to put my brain in sleep mode for a couple of weeks ! 😎😎

The mnemonic for hypercalcemia is an encapsulation of all my feelings towards studying at the moment.

“Stones , bones, abdominal groans and psychological moans”

When you enjoy a module , studying almost feels like an added bonus. With the Reproductive System , it has been incredibly arduous to arrive at a stage of actual enjoyment. Child birth is most definitely not amongst my list favourite activities to endure .

The Neonatal section , with it’s endless self studies, has been my favourite section of Repro ( Future paediatric surgeon coming through 😊😊 ). I like studying about the premature/pre-term babies because my youngest sister was a prem. baby and some of the things like Kangaroo Mother Care finally make sense !

She’s actually part of the reason why I am considering venturing into the paediatric profession. The paediatricians that took care of her did such a splendid job and made a lasting impression on me. She was born at 32 weeks and had to spend an entire month in a little incubator. I will post more about that in the near future 😏.

Something that is aiding in keeping me going is the fact that if I work hard enough, my  results will definitely reflect that (as they have thus far this semester 😊 ) and I can be a mentor /tutor next year ! I have a great mentut and I want to be one too.

Overall , I am in a positive space and state of being. I am just doing everything I can to the best of my abilities and it all seems to be working out great. Now if only I could work on attaining some more courage so that I can attend to the pesky issue of catching feelings for a certain first year 😏😏🙈.

Lots of Lily Love (LOLL) ❤ ❤

2 thoughts on “Kangaroo Mother Care 💕

  1. its good to hear that you are in positive space. this is what one wants when studying. You will certainly attract a first year, not one but many, you will have to choose though or be chosen.


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