Phantasms and Pre-Examination Woes

The sixth years are pimping out all the desks in the study center. A first year has stolen my favourite desk to sit at in the library. I have to park in the periphery because the parking closest to the lecture halls is always closed. I haven’t gone running or done any form of exercise for a week and a half.

My supply of vanilla rooibos tea has run out . My hospital consultant hates vehemently loathes me. I ran into the guy I really really like and was ,as you can expect ,unbearably awkward. I have a group presentation on Thursday (cue public speaking anxiety). MY OSCE IS NEXT WEEK WEDNESDAY AND I AM FREAKING OUT BECAUSE I HAVE SO MANY THINGS TO GO THROUGH AND I DO NOT KNOW WHEN I AM GOING TO HAVE THE TIME TO DO THEM ! 

But I’m fine.

i'm fine really

No really , I’m fine. I haven’t reached level 1000 of panic mode yet. I’m saving that for exams . I have a feeling i’ll need that panic to help me carry on. But honestly , i’m not as stressed out as I was last semester. I feel like I have less to worry about this time around. My marks are generally pleasing (save for Urology – gonna work on that though) and i’m going to spend the next two weeks fixing up knowledge deficits and revising the concepts that I had a trouble with.

If somebody/anybody could serenade me with an Arctic Monkey /Coldplay/ Alt-J/Dry The River mixtape I’d really appreciate it 🙂

Lots Of Lily Love ❤ ❤ (LOLL)

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